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These New Off-Road Brakes From Mark Williams Will Save 80lbs Per Axle!!!

These New Off-Road Brakes From Mark Williams Will Save 80lbs Per Axle!!!

With more and more power, towing capacity, and overall vehicle weight, the axles that come under late model trucks have gotten bigger and bigger. With that size increase has come bigger and bigger brakes as well, and for some off-road applications they can be more of a hindrance than a help. This is especially true when you are talking about swapping these axles into smaller, more extreme, off-road rigs that don’t need giant vented rotors and huge calipers that won’t clear a lot of wheels. That’s why Mark Williams has come out with these awesome off-road brake kits for the Ford Super Duty front and rear axles. These are brakes that will stop whatever you have, and feature really large rotors and ultra high end calipers, but will do so while helping wheel fitment and also saving 80 lbs per axle. That’s 160 lbs of unsprung and rotating weight that you can shed off your off-road beast. We think this sounds like a good plan. Don’t you?

Check out all the info from Mark Williams below, and tell them BANGshift sent you when ordering.

These new kits will clean up the extreme overkill of the OEM brake kit and save 160 pounds per vehicle. Designed for reducing weight (rotating and unsprung suspension) while providing precise brake control.

The MW quick change caliper design is stronger than common 6061 aluminum billet versions and utilize a rigid mount, opposing piston arrangement. Each piston retracts independently and has zero drag when released. The internal porting reduces the possibility of line damage from foreign objects. Ports with 3/8” hex bleeder screws are on both ends for easy bleeding. – No right and left hand calipers! Most importantly, the MW caliper features massive 7/16” oversize fasteners that reduce caliper spread at high operating pressures plus a 5/16” diameter bridge bolt for added strength. The pad features a single center bolt / bushing retaining system for easy lining replacement.

The disc is 3/8” thick with a giant 14.0” diameter, which increases the braking torque compared to smaller rotor designs. The disc material is abrasive resistant, heat-treated high-carbon steel that is double-disc ground to be flat and parallel. The problems of warped or cupped discs from heat build up are removed and rotor life is extended with our exclusive Slot-Drive™ attachment system. The brake systems are designed to be compact and move the disc inboard to eliminate interference with wheels.

The aluminum adapters are drilled to accept 5/8” studs in dual bolt circles for the original 05+ F350 hub metric pattern [170mm (6.693”) x 8-bolt] and 6-1/2” x 8-bolt.

The caliper mounting brackets are 5/16” thick 7075 aluminum.

Each brake kit includes all fasteners required for assembly.

      • Weight saving of 80 pounds per axle

  • Large 14” diameter disc with cleaning grooves
  • Bolt on kit for MW weld cup without other modifications for rear application
  • Caliper bracket bolts on to Reid Racing or 05+ OEM F350 Knuckles for front application
  • Fits 2005-2010 Ford Super-Duty unit bearing hubs

P/N 71900

Rear Brake Kit

05+ F350 Unit Bearing Hub & MW Weld Cup

P/N 75900

Front Brake Kit

05+ OEM F350 OR Reid Racing Knuckle

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