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Zephyr Chop Part 7: How To TIG WELD Sheet Metal – LESS WARPING When There Is No Access

Zephyr Chop Part 7: How To TIG WELD Sheet Metal – LESS WARPING When There Is No Access

But you can’t TIG weld body panels if you can’t get to both sides of them! At least that is what some metal shapers will say, and in their defense there are reasons for making that statement. To understand why, you have to understand that generically speaking, the hardness of the welds are different between MIG and TIG welds, and that matters. A MIG weld will typically have a harder weld than a TIG weld on the same material. Because of this, the MIG weld is more difficult to planish or hammer flat when shaping welded panels. It is for this reason that lots of folks say you can’t MIG weld body panels on customs and such. But the truth is that it kind of depends on what you are doing and where you are doing them on the body. Some shapers also say you shouldn’t TIG weld a panel unless you planish the weld afterwards, which means that if you can’t get to the both sides of a panel you can’t planish it and therefore can’t finish the weld properly. But that’s not necessarily true. Watch and find out why.

In this video, Karl from Make it Kustom is going to weld in the newly finished A pillar for his Zephyr chop project and he’s going to do it with his TIG welder and show you why that is the right choice in this case. I approve.

We like how-to stuff around here and one of our favorites when it comes to shaping metal is Karl Fisher at the Make It Kustom channel. This kid is talented, easy to understand, and not afraid to share the lessons he’s learned the hard way. In fact, if something doesn’t go the way he expects, he shares that and shows the fix so that you don’t have the same problem when you go to tackle your project. And he works on his own projects, as well as friend’s stuff, but no project means more to him than his 1939 Lincoln Zephyr project. This one is awesome, not only because it is a Zephyr, but also because it started life as a 4-door and he’s making it into the chopped coupe that he always dreamed of owning.

It’s going to be awesome, he’s taking us through the entire build, and you will learn a lot if you just watch the video series. Here’s the 5th installment of the Zephyr chop, and it is all about making new door frames that fit the chop, the windshield, and the taper of the new look.


Video Description:

On this episode of Make It Kustom, I line up all the inner door frame areas on the driver side of the Zephyr and TIG weld the pillar cap on the passenger side.

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