All The Wants: This 454ci Former Dodge NASCAR Engine Rules

All The Wants: This 454ci Former Dodge NASCAR Engine Rules

If you have a pile of dough and are looking for an engine that will 100% be the only one in your town, city, or county, this is the piece you need. Built by Ernie Elliot this Dodge R5 engine now displaces 454ci because of a custom Sonny Bryant crankshaft. All aluminum construction means that this is light, the dry sump oiling means that you’ll never worry about starvation in the corners or at the strip, using parts from companies like MAHLE, COMP, and other high quality brands means that unless you are a lunkhead, this engine should keep you happy and hauling for years and years.

We do not know what kind of power that it makes but with about 100 more cubes than a typical stock car engine and being stuck with none of the restrictions that those things come with, we’d be shocked if this thing was not making 800 or more…naturally aspirated. Put some steep gears in the back and a bunch of ratios in front of the axle so you can enjoy the benefit of the high flowing heads and still get away with running it around on the street.

The downside? You are looking at a $50,000 piece of mechanical art. Between the knowledge that it takes to build an engine like this properly and the parts involved, it ain’t cheap. But hey, while some want to dream about the perfect LS junkyard build, we’ll be counting sheep thinking about this monster.

Any bucks up Mopar guys want a unique noise maker?

RacingJunk: This 454ci Dodge R5 engine has NASCAR guts!

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2 thoughts on “All The Wants: This 454ci Former Dodge NASCAR Engine Rules

  1. DanStokes

    As Brian no doubt remembers, these engines are fairly common in LSR though not with this displacement. They but Team XXXs last year’s engine and go LSR with it. They make great power and hold many records.

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