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Cool News: Aeromotive Teams With Fuel Safe To Provide Vehicle Safety During Hollywood Action Films!

Cool News: Aeromotive Teams With Fuel Safe To Provide Vehicle Safety During Hollywood Action Films!

Well this is one of the neater pieces of sponsor news we shared in a while! It seems that Aeromotive and Fuel Safe have teamed up to develop a safe fuel system for use in Hollywood stunt car builds for films like the Fast and the Furious among others. Before Aeromotive and Fuel Safe got together the car builders were using a mishmash of parts from several manufacturers and now, with an in-tank solution and the racing cell as protection, everyone is happier and the systems are more robust and safe.

We think it is pretty cool when companies work together to create solutions and answers to problems like this. Everyone comes out ahead. The guys building the cars now know that they will have consistently good parts and pieces to work with, they will not be stuck trying to make 50 different pieces work, and at the end of the project they will have a safe system that can be put through the rigors of move making, especially action movie making!

Aeromotive Inc. Teams With Fuel Safe Racing Cells To Provide Vehicle Safety During Action Films,

Especially at Universal Studios

Lenexa, KS…July 14, 2016 – The Stunt Man Association requires fuel cells on all action films using a stunt vehicle. The studio that uses the Stunt Man Association most often is Universal Studios. Brad Beason and Dennis Bishop, vehicle-effects producers for the Fast & Furious films found themselves sourcing upwards of six different companies in order to provide SFI and FIA-certified fuel systems for all these vehicles. While they had originally been using aluminum cells, they were experiencing real issues, and started working with Fuel Safe Racing Cells®. But the fuel pump, fuel regulator, plug-in wire harness, and feed line were still sourced from multiple places, making the process time- consuming and expensive. With the next Fast & Furious film approaching, Bishop reached out to Mike Torvik at Fuel Safe and asked if it was possible to create a custom, all-in-one package for their safety and certification needs.

“Because a bladdered cell is mandatory, and Aeromotive, Inc. utilizes an in-tank fuel pump that is properly vented and submerged in fuel at all times due to Aeromotive’s innovative, patented foam baffling system, they were the perfect choice for partnering on the project”, stated Mike. “I contacted them to discuss what it would entail to meet the Stunt Man Association requirements, and we were able to make it happen seamlessly.”

“Part of the movie industry is using the same set up we are providing to the racing industry, with the exception of the regulator,” stated Bub Miller, Aeromotive Inc.’s Director of Motorsports. “So if Hollywood is comfortable putting their movie stars in these cars, we figure everyone in the industry would be as well.”



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