MAHLE PowerPak+ Piston Kits For Boosted LSA/LS3/LS9 Engines

MAHLE  PowerPak+ Piston Kits For Boosted LSA/LS3/LS9 Engines

Got boost? If you do and that boost is being forced into an LS engine, you should pay attention because MAHLE Motorsport has some good news. The company has introduced new Made in the USA PowerPak+ Piston kits for boosted LSA/LS3/LS9 engines. These pistons are designed and manufactured to live in the harsher environments that come with forced induction. Higher cylinder temperatures, more heat, and more stress and strain come with the territory and that’s why the MAHLE engineers tweaked the design of their already awesome product to make it stronger and better for these applications.

From the raw materials the pistons are based on to the coatings, available ring packages, and designs that MAHLE is offering, you can rest assured that these quality pieces will be up for the job of handling your boosted LS horsepower making needs!

MAHLE Motorsport Introduces
PowerPak+ Piston Kits for
Boosted LSA/LS3/LS9 Engines

Fletcher, NC…MAHLE Motorsport now offers PowerPak+ Piston Kits designed specifically for high output, boosted GM LSA/LS3/LS9 engines with aggressive cylinder head/camshaft combinations that are capable of achieving 1000+ HP.

MAHLE Motorsport’s LSA/LS3/LS9 pistons are designed on 2618 alloy slipper skirt forgings with optimized material thicknesses maintained in key high stress areas, while all critical finishing operations are machined on specialized equipment manufactured by MAHLE precisely for piston production that allows for tighter control over machining tolerances.

For added durability three separate surface treatments are applied, beginning with a phosphate dry-film lubricant to protect pin bores from galling, followed by MAHLE’s proprietary Grafal® anti-friction skirt coating, and finally hard anodized top ring grooves to protect against micro-welding.

As with all PowerPak Piston Kits, the pistons, pin clips and rings are included. The kit includes MAHLE’s HV385 1.0mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm steel rings designed to reduce drag, wear, and weight while ensuring conformability to increase sealing and oil control.

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s new Made in the USA PowerPak and PowerPak Piston Kits for boosted LSA/LS3/LS9 engines, contact, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942.

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