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Measure Twice, Cut Once: Mark Williams Enterprises Releases New Clearance Template For 10″ Ring Gear Cases

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Mark Williams Enterprises Releases New Clearance Template For 10″ Ring Gear Cases

If you have a big horsepower car or truck and you are running the types of rear end components that you should be to keep your axel happy, clearance can be a problem. This is doubly true if you happen to be using an older housing to hold your car or truck up and get it down the track or the road. Mark Williams Enterprises knows this and they have developed a new clearance template that lays out exactly what’s needed in terms of room to make sure 9.5 or 10-inch ring gears fit without binding or other trouble.

If you are the owner of a new Mark Williams housing made in 2016 or later you don’t really need to have to worry about this as those housings come from the factory with the required amount of clearance for the big ring gears. Older housing made before such parts were readily used or available are the ones that will need some massaging to get into shape.

Here’s the full release from Mark Williams Enterprises on their new template –

When installing a thirdmember assembly, it is important to check for proper clearance. The larger caps and/or the adjuster lock bolts on aluminum cases can possibly come in contact with the back of some fabricated and stock Ford housings. If the thirdmember tightens up or won’t turn  at all after installing it, the caps or ring gear is binding in the housing.

To make room for the cap, you must modify the housing at the point of contact by heating and forming with a ball peen tool. Do not grind on the caps!

9-1/2″ and 10″ ring gears may also be close to the face of the flange and inner structure of a stock housing. Grinding for clearance will be necessary.

Current (2016 and later) MW Modular housings have the required clearance, but older housings will require added clearance for the gear and the thirdmember profile on the driver’s side. This hard board template is now available to make gauging a snap.

10″ Ford Pro Gears are the latest strength improvement for the 9″ Ford rears. They have a 9.43″ physical ring diameter, and can be used in most 9″ housings with extra clearance modifications. All have 35-spline input and 1/2″ ring gear bolts.
Click here to see available ratios.
M/W’s 10″ Severe Service Thirdmembers have main bearing bores that are 4.000″ diameter and are paired with angular contact ball bearings.
P/N 57027 – 4.000″ Bore, 10″ Pro Gear
P/N 57026 – 3.812″ Bore, 10″ Pro Gear

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