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New Product Action From QuickTrick: The RV4WD System Has Your Hauler, RV, and 4×4 Needs Covered – Never Pay For An Alignment Again

New Product Action From QuickTrick: The RV4WD System Has Your Hauler, RV, and 4×4 Needs Covered – Never Pay For An Alignment Again

Let’s be honest. When we think about alignment equipment, we all kind of default to stuff that you would use to setup a race car or competition vehicle that is designed to burn corners. Thankfully the people at QuickTrick are smarter than we are because they are taking into consideration every possible angle of the alignment world (see what we did there?) by offering equipment that meets the needs of a competition environment but with the announcement of the new RV4WD system they are also looking out for haulers, 4×4 trucks, RVs and other large vehicles, most of which actually rack up big miles hauling the racer to the track! While a race track and aggressive driving require precision alignment solutions for maximum performance, trucks and other vehicles require the same kind of precision for different reasons. Hey, tires are expensive and chewing them up due to poor alignment quality, someone else’s sloppy work, or simple neglect is no good. A one time investment into a QuickTrick system and you have an easy, reusable, and accurate way to keep your truck, RV, hauler, dually, 4×4, or other large vehicle tracking straight and true down the highways and by ways. What’s neater than that?


The QuickTrick RV4WD is built for the RV’er,  4×4, jeep & dually or to put it plain and simple  The Weekend Warrior!  The Square frame allows for ease of use with an extended center cap, various lugs and most beadlock setups.  This system provides the ability to measure Caster, Camber & Toe with the same accuracy of any QuickTrick system to within 1/10th of a degree caster/camber.

This system comes with the verticals covering 99% of the larger vehicles at 14 – 20” wheel and your choice of 34” (Standard) or 40” toe bars (XL).  (40” toe bars will fit in the QuickTrick Case, but you will not be able to fully zip over the ends).  You will also choose between magnetic tips or pins depending on if your wheels are aluminum or steel.

**The pins will work with both, but sometimes magnets are easier on your steel wheels.  If you have any doubts on the right wheel application and size, email us first at [email protected] with a picture of your wheel and tire.  We will ensure the right application for your needs.  Sets of each magnets/pins are also old separately for $48.95 for 8.

This system allows you to take control of your wheel and tire related expenses.  Armed with the QT RV4WD system and your OEM alignment Specs, you can measure anytime, in 15 minutes or less, and know when you need an alignment.  You do not have to be a mechanic to be armed with knowledge.  So if you are a weekend warrior, off-road enthusiast or just drive a Big Ass truck.. this is the system for you!

  • The QuickTrick 4WD comes with setup for caster, camber & toe for both sides of the vehicle
  • QuickTrick Tape Measures
  • QT Digital Gauge (Batteries included)
  • Your choice of attachment accessories (Magnetic or Pins)
  • QuickTrick Case (Case is 40”)
  • Allen Wrench
  • Full instructions
  • QuickTrick Returns Policy & Warranty


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