RideTech announces Track 1 Program For Racers – Hardcore Parts, Hardcore Performance

RideTech announces Track 1 Program For Racers – Hardcore Parts, Hardcore Performance

RideTech has announced the creation of the new Track 1 program that is aimed squarely at those drivers who compete on the autocross and road courses of America. These are hardcore parts that have been developed over time though the company’s racing efforts and they have been proven out through the exploits of vehicles like the 48 Hour Camaro, the 48 Hour Corvette, and others. Currently the company is offering Track 1 kits for C2/C3 Corvettes, 1967-69 Camaros, and 1968-1974 Novas but other systems are in development.

To us this represents an interesting moment in the world of pro-touring and the competition that has developed for these style of cars. The reason RideTech is offering these packages is simple. There’s demand for them. There’s demand for them because you have series like the Ultimate Street Car Association, Goodguys, the SCCA, and now any number of regional groups that are putting on hardcore races and competition. This was not the case a few years ago and it speaks to how companies like RideTech have helped the whole scene evolve over the years.

RideTech Announces New Track 1 Program
The newest addition to the RideTech family of suspension systems is the Track 1 Series. Track 1 is a suspension series that is directly aimed at the autocross and road course customer and has been developed through the direct racing efforts of the RideTech track cars driven by Chris Smith and company President Bret Voelkel. The Track 1 suspension applications currently include C2/C3 Corvette, 67-69 Camaro, and 68-74 Nova.

The Track 1 Series will include components such as :

  • 9” IRS rear suspension for C2/C3 Corvette
  • Howe low-friction ball joints
  • Forged aluminum spindles w/ C7 bearing hub
  • Billet steel drag link
  • Billet aluminum steering arms and double-shear improved idler arms
  • Custom Billet aluminum steering arms designed to optimize Ackermann and bump steer
  • Track ready brake systems from Baer and Wilwood
  • Fully-active Instinct electronic programmable shock absorbers

More applications and components will be developed as RideTech is able to validate Track 1 components in a true racing environment.

RideTech President Bret Voelkel commented: “The RideTech racing program has produced numerous advancements in suspension technology for ALL RideTech customers. The Track 1 program will allow us to continue these advancements and offer the most refined and capable suspension components in the world.”

Track 1 components will be available through a small network of specially trained RideTech Track 1 dealers and directly from RideTech.

For more information about RideTech Track 1 suspension systems contact the following:

Smitty’s Custom Automotive – Tiffin, OH
Chris Smith 
419-448-8080 or 419-934-5257
[email protected]

RideTech –Jasper, IN
Darren Schilling 
[email protected]



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