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RideTech Launches “RideTech Nation” Program Where You Can Get Paid To Win Running RideTech Components

RideTech Launches “RideTech Nation” Program Where You Can Get Paid To Win Running RideTech Components

As the temps warm up, more and more of you will be out there on autocrosses and road courses across the country and RideTech has a program that’ll reward your successes in your RideTech equipped hot rod. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are serious about your car, serious about competition, and serious about having a great relationship with one of the most innovative suspension companies in the aftermarket you may qualify to become a resident of RideTech Nation.

There are 100 spots available for this program and like we said, RideTech Nation is a place where competitors live. The main series that are considered for the program are the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association autocross, Ultimate Street Car Association events, and American Street Car Series events. RideTech will consider other series or events but you need to submit that information for consideration. At these events, if you score a first place finish in any segment or class you earn $250 from RideTech. Win the overall deal and you earn $500. There is a scale for both second and third place finishes as well.

Programs like this are very cool and frankly they are new to this realm since RideTech began RideTech Nation last year. Contingency rewards have been part of stock car racing and drag racing for decades and now that this pro touring scene is becoming more and more organized and competition oriented, it makes sense for a company like RideTech to step up and give back to those people using their products successfully. While NASCAR and other sanctioning bodies may have lost the plot around, “Win on Sunday and Sell on Monday” RideTech has not. Racing and competition is driven by success. Those who are having successes want to stay at the top and others want to get to the top so they’re always interested in seeing what’s working better than what they have. Here’s a way to both promote the products and reward those that are ending up at the top of the heap.

Here’s the full story on RideTech Nation straight from the mad scientists and engineers at RideTech themselves –

Starting in 2014, RideTech created a dynamic performance group called RideTech Nation. The goal of this group is to “put it on the street and the track”…to demonstrate to the world that RideTech products will help the hotrodder enjoy their vehicles to the fullest on the street and on the track. 2015 membership in RideTech Nation will be limited to 100 hardcore hotrodders.

You will exclusively receive:

[2] RideTech Nation Hoodies, [2] RideTech Nation T shirts, & [2] RideTech hatsshirts - hoodies - ridetech - nation

[1] RideTech Decal Packridetech-logo-pack-2014

Also Included:

5% Discount on all RideTech products. [max $500 annual discount]

(Discounted orders must be placed over the phone to ensure proper tracking of discounts.)

Eligible for the RideTech Nation Contingency Program (See Info Below)

There are 2 simple steps to register.
1. Purchase your $100 membership by CLICKING HERE.
2 Then fill out our online tech sheet by CLICKING HERE.

RideTech Nation Contingency Program

RideTech will offer a contingency payout for RideTech Nation members who participate in the following events:
Ultimate Street Car Association events [schedule]
Goodguys Autocross Series [schedule]
American Street Car Series [schedule]
[Additional events may be submitted for approval]



RideTech Nation Contingency payouts will be based on the following schedule:
1st place in any segment or class $250 1st Overall $500
2nd place in any segment or class $100 2nd Overall $200
3rd place in any segment or class $ 50 3rd Overall $100

• There will be only one payout per event. Your highest finish will determine your payout amount.

Example: USCA – if you win the autocross segment, place 3rd in the road course segment, and place 2nd overall you will get a check for $250 for winning the autocross segment.

Example: Goodguys – If you place 3rd in the street machine class you will get a check for $50.

• There will only be one payout per CAR per event, even if two people drive the same [winning] car. The registered owner of the car will receive the check.

• The RideTech decal MUST be in place and visible from both sides of the vehicle for the entire event.

• Any competing suspension or shock company decal can only be 50% as large as the RideTech decal.

• To receive contingency payment, RideTech Nation member must submit the EVENT REPORT request form that will include photos of you and the vehicle, as well as a template of relevant information about the event no later than 10 days from completion of the event. Checks will be issued no later than 10 days after receipt of the request.

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