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SEMA 2016: Mickey Thompson Unveils Fresh Brand Identity – Renews Commitment To Racing

SEMA 2016: Mickey Thompson Unveils Fresh Brand Identity – Renews Commitment To Racing

We were at the press conference yesterday when Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels debuted their new brand identity. While this may seem like a paper change to many people we think it is pretty cool because it shows that the vision of the company is current and forward looking.

Pretty neat to be making this announcement on the same day that Kevin Fiscus was running 5.97/252mph on the company’s drag radial! Hundreds of hardcore people were a the press conference and it was a cool deal. You’ll see the whole story below!


 Stow, Ohio – Nov. 2, 2016 – Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels unveiled a refreshed brand identity today during a special press conference hosted at the company’s new Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) Show booth.

Chris Barbara, President of Mickey Thompson, provided media personnel, dealers and distributors with a preview of what lies ahead for the iconic brand that included a special video presentation telling the story of the company’s history of innovation, and passion for performance. He went on to share insight into the meaning behind the changes, scheduled for rollout in 2017, as a statement to the company’s continued evolution.

“What you see here today is a reflection of Mickey Thompson’s passion and vision for the future, rooted in a long history of industry-leading innovation,” said Barbara.

In his comments, Barbara included a tribute to the late Mickey Thompson, as well as the company’s customers and special guests.

“Today we are unveiling a refreshed brand identity,” continued Barbara. “But, we are not changing what defines our brand. We are solidifying our core beliefs, our commitment to deliver value to our employees, dealers and consumers each and every day. We also affirm our passion to be the best, to win, to stand on the gas.”

Barbara gave special recognition to the Thompson family, defining the relationship and went on to say, “Our brand is legendary because of the man that started it all – Danny Thompson’s father.”

Barbara continued by sharing some of the many historic milestones the company has achieved throughout the years, from delivering the world’s first five-second quarter mile radial drag tire, to setting land speed records at Bonneville, and winning Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Championships.

In closing comments, Barbara gave special recognition to individuals and organizations that have contributed to the company’s success, and introduced celebrity guests and racing icons. Among them was racing champion Brian Deegan, a Mickey Thompson sponsored athlete and co-developer of the Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 tire and wheel line.

Reflected in the SEMA Show booth design, sales and marketing materials, apparel and other materials available at the show, the company plans to implement its new branding beginning in 2017.

For more information, contact Don Sneddon, Advertising Manager at 800-222-9092, ext. 3750, or email to [email protected].

 About Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels
Max-Trac Tire Co., Inc., dba Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, markets racing and high-performance tires and wheels for street, strip, truck, and off-road applications. The company was founded in 1963 by racing legend Mickey Thompson and is headquartered in Stow, Ohio, USA. For more information, visit www.mickeythompsontires.com. Connect on Facebook and Instagram. Media contact: Don Sneddon, Advertising Manager, 800-222-9092, 330-928-9092 ext. 3750, [email protected].


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2 thoughts on “SEMA 2016: Mickey Thompson Unveils Fresh Brand Identity – Renews Commitment To Racing

  1. Steve

    OK great, now how about embracing your paved land speed customers? This market is growing, and lots of people use M/T tires there, but M/T is so scared of liability, they act like we don’t exist. I’m pretty sure Mickey Thompson himself would’ve raced on the paved mile.

  2. orange65

    Maybe I missed it, but what came out of this? It seems to be a press release with nothing to talk about other than the company reiterating its support for its customers. Ok, but what changes are going to be made? How does this benefit the customer? How does this affect the product? Something concrete would be nice. Seems like just another way to get some cheap PR.

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