The RideTech Report! Talking Street Grip, Bushings, Customer Rides, Video, and More!

The RideTech Report! Talking Street Grip, Bushings, Customer Rides, Video, and More!

The RideTech crew is on it! While the weather in Indiana may be crummy at this time of the year the attitude and working environment at RideTech certainly is not. Hot off the heels of the release of the effective and awesome Street Grip system, the company is now looking at options to expand the line and they are looking for your input. Below you will see a poll that you can participate in and we want you to! How should the RideTech Street Grip line be expanded beyond where it is now?

Also below you’ll see updates on the 48-Hour Corvette, some truly awesome customer project cars (and trucks) an informative video about Delrin bushings, and a host of other informational, interesting, and instructional stuff. Be it the RideTech event schedule or their newest bold on upgrade for Corvettes, there is something for everyone in this baby!

Scroll down to see the whole RideTech report and all that’s going on at the company

RideTech Wants To Know…
What Would You Like To Put StreetGrip On?

You’ve seen it on Facebook, you’ve noticed it on forums, you’ve read about it here; and we’d like to know what you think!  We know what the next applications we have lined up are, but we value your input and would like to know your opinion on what you think we should do next.  If you have any questions about our StreetGrip system or other RideTech products, please contact us at [email protected] or 812-481-4787!
What application would you like to see us develop a StreetGrip system for?
Click to choose an answer:

63-72 Chevy C10
73-87 Chevy C10
55-57 Chevy (Tri-5)
64-66 Mustang
67-70 Mustang
70-81 Camaro

Our informants on the scene are pleased to report that paint has commenced (and is now nearly complete) on the 48-Hour Corvette.  The body has been gelcoated and then painted with PPG’s Corvette Yellow. Paint has been done by Tim Kinn of Smitty’s Custom Auto, and he should be finishing up the doors, hood, and t-tops later this week. We think the whole crew has done a fantastic job, and we can’t wait to see it when it’s complete!  We’ll continue to bring you up to speed on the project every Tuesday, and you are welcome to follow along for updates on our Facebook page!
The RideTech ’69 Mustang is also in the shop for a few winter maintenance updates before the racing season begins again.  A new set of Baer Brakes and Falken tires is on the list; we hope she’s having a nice time out at Chris’s shop, because that vacation is almost over!  We can’t wait to see her familiar form tearing up the autocross course again soon!
We love to see our products in action!!
If you’d like to submit your ride for a chance to be featured in our weekly newsletter, you can share it with us via social media or email.  And stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for chances to win cool RideTech stuff!
This gorgeous 1967 Pro Touring Chevelle sports a full RideTech air suspension along with Upper & Lower Control Arms front and rear, and our front and rear MuscleBars!  Owner Scott McDaniel says, “They have great customer service and take very good care of their current and past customers.”.  Thanks, Scott!!
If you couldn’t already tell by the billboard, you should know that this gorgeous 1963 EH Holden Premier lives in it’s home country of Australia!  She is her owner’s first car, and they’ve been together for 20 years.
Behold, the fearsome MACHO NACHO!!!  This awesome 1973 Suburban sports a 454 and a RideTech suspension, and is owned by Robert Myers.
Everybody knows that to get the most out of your ride, you need to upgrade the suspension bushings, but the whats and whys can be a bit confusing.

Everything under your car has to work together in a smooth manner to get the best performance.  Factory bushings are often rubber, and you’ve seen what happens to them after a couple years of service.  While rubber certainly has its advantages (cheap, readily available), the cons definitely outweigh the pros for this medium.

For the last decade or so, the happening upgrade has been moving to polyurethane bushings.  While definitely an upgrade over the rubber in the performance sector, poly bushings can be noisy and can add stiction to your suspension.  For the last several years, RideTech has been developing and upgrading our systems to the latest in suspension bushing technology: Delrin bushings.

Our Delrin bushings have excellent wear characteristics; they’re lightweight, chemical-resistant, and will not squeak.  Unlike polyurethane and other types of Delrin, our 13% PTFE-filled blend does not need to be greased.  They remove stiction from the equation, and their superior load-bearing qualities will allow exceptional performance for years to come.

And it’s not just in the StreetGrip system!  RideTech also uses this blend of Delrin in our coilover and ShockWave stud tops, as well as many of the swaybar bushings.  For some swaybar applications, we use a polyurethane-wrapped Delrin liner to allow for chassis inconsistencies.

If you have questions about our Delrin bushings or would like to know more, see our video below or call our knowledgeable tech staff at 812-481-4787.

In this video, RideTech’s Bret Voelkel gives us a visual on the different types of bushings.
We’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest stocking dealer, Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center!  Founded in 1929, Scoggin-Dickey has worked hard to build a reputation centered on service and customer satisfaction.  SDPC services Western Texas and all of New Mexico, and with over 2 MILLION cubic feet of warehouse space, they’ve got what you need, when you need it!  Whatever your parts needs are – from antifreeze to complete engines – you now have more reasons than ever to trust SDPC to deliver the parts you need.  SDPC has always been known for dependable service and quality parts, so it’s no surprise that RideTech has been recognized and added to their inventory!

Have a question? You can reach Scoggin-Dickey through the following sources:
Phone:  1-800-456-0211

For information on how to become a RideTech dealer, please contact Darren Schilling at [email protected].
January 23-31

Just a few more days before the iconic Barrett-Jackson spring Scottsdale auction begins!  Trent and the RideTech RoadCrew are already on their way, and the rest of the gang will be heading out shortly. We’ve got a choice spot right on the main drive to the stage, so if you’re at the show, stop in and see us…or catch us on the broadcasts!  We will also be bringing you daily show updates from RideTech President Bret Voelkel via Facebook and our website; if you’d like to catch up on his views from previous years, archived posts can be found here.

January 29-31

The Grand National Roadster Show is now in its 67th year. Once known as the Oakland Roadster Show, it is the longest running indoor car show in the world! Produced at the Fairplex in Pomona for the 13th consecutive year.

Over 500 show vehicles will compete for awards inside the Fairplex buildings. Another 400-800 vehicles will join the event Saturday & Sunday for the 11th Annual Grand Daddy Drive-In.

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