This FAST Video Feature Of The Classic Trucks Week To Wicked Chevy Is Great

This FAST Video Feature Of The Classic Trucks Week To Wicked Chevy Is Great

Years ago if you had told someone that was into cars or trucks that early 1970s Chevy trucks would be the hottest commodity in the hot rodding world they would have accused you of spending too much time in the sun. While it would have been a strange prediction to make years ago, you would have looked like a genius because that’s exactly what has happened. There’s a literal industry built around these rigs and not just for bolt on parts. Chevrolet produced lots more big, long bed trucks than they did little short bed rigs and all the demand is for the short bed models these days. That means converting the big long bed trucks into the more desirable small trucks is where it’s at today.

The guys at Classic Trucks did just that by creating this killer short bed from a three quarter ton long bed truck in a project they call Week to Wicked. The rig has parts and pieces on it from many sources and it looks great. Most importantly it runs great because of a Mast Motorsports 427ci LS engine that is fueled by FAST efi and topped with the killer new FAST LSx RT intake manifold and the company’s Big Mouth throttle body. All of this adds up to a 700hp package that makes sure the truck lives up to its classy and cool looks.

This video feature takes us through the truck and it shows the thing making noise and speed on the street. We think you will love the truck, we do!

Press play below to see the Week to Wicked Chevy feature by FAST –

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