$1,000 Build: So Close To Done! The $1,000 F100 Build Is So Close We Can Taste It, But Is Staying On Budget Even Possible?

$1,000 Build: So Close To Done! The $1,000 F100 Build Is So Close We Can Taste It, But Is Staying On Budget Even Possible?

The closer this truck gets to done the more I want to blow a few hundred dollars on two piles of steaming poo so I can weld them together and make them into something worth driving! Don’t you feel the same? Seriously, this is the kind of build that makes you want to wrangle any donor cars and trucks that your friends have all together in one place so you can decide what kind of awesome to build. Hell, it’s hot rodding 101 and we love Casey and his every foul mouth for it.

If you aren’t inspired by other folks projects, and especially those done with lots of ingenuity and creativity, then you are not our people. This is a project that definitely inspires us and makes me look at cars on marketplace in a whole new light. I want to buy two piles and make them into something cool! Yes the real budget is $1,000 and yes selling stuff off the donor vehicle to get budget back is allowed, and to be even more real about the budget the tools being used are even being kept on a list so you  know how much money those cost as well!

So here’s the deal. Take one Lincoln Town Car, aka a Crown Vic with more chrome and stuff, and cut the body off of it. Then take an F100 body that looks considerably better than it really is and put the two together. All the while making sure to sell off anything and everything you don’t need from the donor so that you can use that for other parts and pieces to complete the truck. So you understand the math, we’ll make up an example. Lets say you were doing this at home and found a Town Car for $1,200. You buy it, sell the seats, fenders, mirrors, trim, bumpers, and air bags for a total of $575 and now your total investment in the donor car is only $625. See?

Okay, so now lets get back to the videos. This is part 14 and 15 of the build right here, so if you  missed any of the others then use the link below to go see them all in order. It is worth it for sure.


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