Did Project Farm Waste $4,000 For A DIY Transmission Rebuild Kit? Or Is This Smart Money To Spend?

Did Project Farm Waste $4,000 For A DIY Transmission Rebuild Kit? Or Is This Smart Money To Spend?

Transmissions are one of the things that enthusiasts seem most hesitant to build on their own. Whether you are talking about automatic or manual transmissions, and whether a newbie or the most experienced hot rodder, most are not willing to rebuild their own. But can you save real money by doing a rebuild yourself? And can you learn enough from YouTube videos to do the rebuild yourself? With the price of having a transmission done, it might be the only option for some folks. Watch Project Farm talk about their kit and start this transmission rebuild right here.

Video Description:

Did I waste a bunch of money upgrading my old pickup or should I have spent that money on a new pickup? Before the upgrades, the truck accelerated from 0-60 in 17.08 seconds. Towing 10,000 pounds, the truck accelerated from 0-60 in over 45 seconds. Also, the truck is unable to hold highway speed towing 10,000 pounds climbing a 3-degree grade.

I requested a collaboration with Power Driven Diesel in Cedar City, Utah. A big “thank you” to Will, Todd, Myer, Griffith, Reed, Levi, Pedro, and the rest of the team at Power Driven Diesel for their role in this review. In part 1 of 2, I travel out to Power Driven Diesel for the upgrades. I do not accept sponsorships, and I paid for all of the parts, fluids, etc used to upgrade the engine. In part 2, I rebuild the transmission.

I paid for all of the parts used to upgrade the transmission. I did not and do not receive any form of commission or financial benefit from the sale of Power Driven Diesel parts or services. Here are the links to the parts I purchased for the upgrades. I used 055 delivery valves and not the 025 listed in the engine upgrade kit. I highly recommend calling Power Driven Diesel’s customer support team to discuss upgrades. They are friendly and very helpful.

Power Driven Diesel: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/

650 HP Transmission Rebuild Kit: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product…

PowerJet Injectors: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product…

Turbo: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product…

Engine Upgrade Kit: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product…

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