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Unveiled: 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E – You Be The Judge, Is This The Future?

Unveiled: 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E – You Be The Judge, Is This The Future?

For the first time in the Ford Mustang’s 55-year history, Ford has decided to give the Mustang not only a new model, or a new design, but an entirely new class of vehicle, powered by an entirely new form of energy. Meet the most controversial move Ford has made in quite some time, the 2020 Mustang Mach-E. Your eyes don’t deceive you, it’s a four-door, five passenger crossover SUV that’s fully electric. The photos don’t lie, do they? Part of Ford’s Team Edison electric vehicle development team, the Mach-E will arrive in late 2020 with five trim levels (a limited First Edition, Select, Premium, California Route 1, and GT) and power settings ranging from 255 horsepower and 306 ft/lbs of torque to the GT’s 342 horsepower and 612 ft/lbs of torque. Power will be sent to either the rear wheels or to all four wheels, and range is slated to be between an estimated 210 and 300 miles, depending on power output and drive type.

The battery packs are composed of lithium-ion cell units and have an eight-year, 100,000 mile warranty, and the options list reads out like a menu, only surpassed by the surprisingly huge list of safety features that Ford has deemed needed. You can have a fully-connected vehicle with your phone doubling as your car key if you wish, you can have a Bang and Olufsen sound system that will shake the fillings out of your teeth, and you can get parking assists of all kind, plus cameras, blind spot monitoring, post-impact braking, automatic high-beams, lane-keeping systems, intelligent cruise control systems, and over-the-air updates.

Sounds a bit like Tesla? It does to us. The Mach-E looks like it’s perfectly targeting the Tesla Model X, Elon’s gullwing-door sport-ute crossover whatever-the-hell. Will it run figures? Ford claims the GT version is capable of a mid-three second run to 60 MPH, with the slower versions in the mid-six second range. Another interesting note are the brake sizes…the smallest rotor setup is a ventilated 18-inch front/solid 17-inch rear disc/disc setup, while the GT gets nineteen-inch monsters at all ends.

Is it the future? Is it a Mustang? Say your peace below.

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40 thoughts on “Unveiled: 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E – You Be The Judge, Is This The Future?

  1. chevy hatin' mad geordie

    The ghosts of Lee Iocca Henry 2 and The Ol’ Chicken Farmer will feast on the souls of whoever is respondible for this sacrelidge!

    1. john

      CHMG….” mother country” is headed for electrification faster than ” the colonies “…. get used to it. Besides…they will probably have a power plug for your future mechanical liver! 🙂

    2. HotRodPop

      Didn’t they just ban some kind of vehicle in some little village across the Pond? We should start a GoFundMe page to bring Geordie over here! I got $2 to start!

  2. Whelk

    It looks like a nice piece. I just wish they hadn’t decided to hang the Mustang moniker on it.
    Secondly I question the demand for electric vehicles. Last time I looked (admittedly it’s been a couple years) any one who wasn’t Tesla was having trouble moving electric cars without a subsidy.

  3. Andy

    I think the car is fine and will reach its target audience. And the reality is mustang enthusiasts are a minority in the overall market.
    Ford cashing in on the mustang name might make sense from a business case, but to us enthusiasts, it’s annoying as hell.

    1. Keith

      I completely disagree that mustang enthusiasts are a minority. If this was true, why is the mustang the only car that will be produced by the company? and why name an entirely new vehicle on that nameplate if it is minor seller?

    2. HotRodPop

      It’s target audience being tree-hugging millenials who will amass college-loan size debt to aquire one, providing mom and dad will co-sign! FML!!!

    3. Pizzandoughnuts

      Yes, you to can own a “Mustang” to tote the brats to soccer, and fit right in with the other soc moms. Cause we don’t want you showing up in a Shelby cause they’ll talk gody shit about you!

      What the hell are they thinking, Sacrilege!!!

  4. Sean

    Who the F thought of the stupid idea of calling it Mustang? Didnt they learn anything with the pathetic Mustang II ?

    Whats this going to be called, The Mach Mess Monster sold in Electric Blue?

    And a zero to 60 time of 8 seconds? How is that a ‘performance vehicle’?

    Iocca and Shelby should haunt whatever idiot made this marketing disaster decistion. Call it anything but a Mustang.

  5. Henrik

    OMG what a disaster. I get the planet needs help and there is a need for Electric cars. But the guys that draw up Lines for the new future cars need to Wake the f… Up and realise us normal people want normal cars that we can relate to. If they want to invent a SUV Electric car so be it but dont rape an iron like the mustang with a freak like this. Dodge already pissed themselves by making a 4 door charger. No mustang lover will be caught dead in a 5 door SUV with a horse on it, u suck ford.

  6. Ammocabby

    As far as an electric Mustang is concerned, Webasto already showed the correct Mustang electric car in the form of the Lithium at SEMA 2019. There’s no compelling reason for get another boring SUV like this. This one’s okay as just a nameless Ford, though. It’s okay, but it doesn’t get my blood boiling or anything. All one would need is a heat gun and some fishing line to remove all the Mustang jewelry. Stick on some regular Ford badges WITHOUT any names at all. Or maybe they could name it the “Meh-stang”. After all, Ford is playing fast and loose with their company heritage. No reason any potential owners need clutch their pearls and get their knickers in a twist. Just adapt and overcome this minor tempest in a teacup…

    1. Matt Cramer

      Another boring SUV is generally what sells, so I can’t blame Ford for making one. The only complaint I have is that I think trying to put a Mustang name on this is a mistake. In keeping with Ford’s rule to start SUV names with “E”, how about calling it an Electrolyte?

  7. Paul T

    it’s not just about demand, it;s about pushing us into the future of self driving cars – they need to be electric, they need all of the auto braking etc safety features, and they are going to be boring regardless.

    The worst part is that I believe autonomous cars will only really work when every car is autonomous. Which may mean no motorcycles, but real people can’t see them anyway so it may not matter to them.

    Once they have a big number of these cars on the road, they can ban all our older, interesting, combustion engined, long range cars. Which is easy enough, raise fuel prices (peak oil is coming around again soon) Then refit all the existing electric cars to autonomous.

    The agenda is not just electric/ self driving – it is less cars period.

    ps – huge brakes,I wonder how much it weighs? It may need all that torque just to move it’s own drivetrain/ batteries around.

  8. fastback

    ford just could not leave it alone,i guess the mustang name plate just didnt sell enough on its own.why dont they just put a horse on everthing they sell, i havent checked yet but did chevy make a suv camaro yet,what a shame.

    1. Gerrit

      At least we know how that SUV Camaro will look like, don’t we.
      Just photoshop Camaro head- and tail lights on this Testla oriented Mach-Eeew.
      Oh yes, replace the horse by the bowtie.

  9. drivindadsdodge

    Swing and a Miss…

    Maverick… yes .. Fairlane ….maybe …Falcon … another possibility

    Mustang … Hell NO !!! almost as bad as when they said the Probe was going to replace the Mustang

    I really feel sorry for whoever the Idiot was that thought this was a good Idea

  10. your dudeness

    just when and where do the plugs all get plug in ???????????/ last summer i recall brown outs in 90 degree heat add in a few million cars drawing off the the same power source ???? maybe or elected few can blow wind all at once and save the day

  11. Barry R

    Epic marketing failure. They will write books about this for college credit in ten years, using it as a study in misguided brand usage. Last time they tried this it ended up being called the “Probe” after the market place stuck its collective finger down it’s throat.

    Take an iconic brand that is so strong that it was the only one to survive a vehicle platform “purge”. Then hang that name on a completely unrelated platform targeting a completely unrelated demographic.

    The people that were fixated on the older brand identity are alienated and rightfully pissed off. The people looking for the new vehicle and technology are un-moved by a brand name steeped in old school technology, and might actually steer away from it due to the historical baggage.

    This is probably a perfectly good transportation device, but it needs and deserves its own identity.

  12. Derrell

    Don’t know about other states, but starting with December license renewals in W.Va., you will be paying $150.00 extra for hybrids,& more for all electrics.

  13. nada

    I’m not a Mustang fan (as a matter of fact, quite the opposite) but even I dislike this.

    I understand the need to give this car some kind of heritage and air of… sportiness. But I think this car will dilute the values associated with the Mustang brand. You can’t slap a strong brand on ANYTHING and make it work.

    Electric cars are probably the future in some areas, for some people. However, if your electricity comes from coal/oil I wonder if there’s any benefits at all. Especially if you consider the manufacturing of batteries.

    The looks… meh, looks like a KIA/Hyundai/uninspired whatever to me.

  14. Matt

    The end is near.
    Camaro will (again) cease production soon. The Mustang is slowly being castrated. Manual transmissions are as common as drum brakes. A large portion of car manufactures will have some sort of low performance electric powered vehicle over the next 3-5 years (fact based, not opinion). There are a few driver-less vehicle concepts that have or are in the process of being a reality. Everything is going towards bland, similarly shaped, pod-like SUV’s.

    It’s hard to grow up with the iconic Lamborghini Countach poster on your wall then deal with this!

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