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Bad Kitty: This Hellcat’s Dyno Day Ended In A Spectacular Fashion…And Burning Brakes

Bad Kitty: This Hellcat’s Dyno Day Ended In A Spectacular Fashion…And Burning Brakes

The dyno room is not a play place, and the moment you see it treated as such is the moment you and your car just need to leave. You’re strapping up a few tons of metal to a roller drum and you’re hoping that the straps will keep your machine in check. Whether you’re doing a fun pull at an event or your job description involves tons of time on the rollers, there are things that must be considered. One is how to make sure that the vehicle in test doesn’t get free, and two is how to handle any emergency caused by the failure of part one. Things can and do happen at a dyno test, from tire failure to catastrophic engine failure that leaves people deafened and reaching for their smart phones to record the damage.

Today’s vehicle is a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Borderline more power than anyone really needs on public roads, completely bombastic and full of twist and shout, the 6.2L blower motor was legendary even before the cars were for sale. They’re ridiculous in all of the right ways, and bringing one to a dyno is pretty much an ego pump unless you’ve done work above and beyond what FCA already bestowed upon thee. But hell, if we had a Hellcat we’d throw the number on the board just because. We don’t know if this was a bone-stock Hellcat or not, but either way it’s dyno run is quickly becoming internet famous for it’s failure. Just as the car is hitting it’s stride one of the straps breaks and the person at the controls goes for the brakes to keep the big purple Mopar from going straight into whatever is in front of it. Looking at the wheel, you can get images of blade failure tests on jet aircraft engines as the rear brakes are nuked to the core to get the wheel speed down to zero.

Thanks to 1970CamaroRS for the tip!

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5 thoughts on “Bad Kitty: This Hellcat’s Dyno Day Ended In A Spectacular Fashion…And Burning Brakes

  1. Matt Cramer

    Seeing that many people clustered around a chassis dyno always makes me nervous. The first time I saw a chassis dyno pull in person, a serpentine belt decided to make a dramatic exit in several pieces.

  2. Davey

    I agree… One Strap ??… Dumb dumb dumb…
    I’ve seen chassis dynos with 3… The third being overkill in case this exact scenario happens

  3. Danno

    Seems to me that using only one tie down strap for a 700 HP, 4500 pound car was totally insufficient. Fortunately the car didn’t take off forward and injure anyone.

  4. Stickman

    There are clearly two straps, crossed. The one that runs from driver side of car to pass floor broke. Yes leaving one strap but it started with two. If it only had one strap, car would have left the building.

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