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Preview Video: BangShift Chad and David Freiburger Star in a New Car TV Show on TRU, Premiering Dec. 15

Preview Video: BangShift Chad and David Freiburger Star in a New Car TV Show on TRU, Premiering Dec. 15

We have not been able to announce this until now, but myself and Hot Rod editor David Freiburger are in a new car-guy TV show that is airing Tuesday, December 15, at 11:00 pm Eastern (but check your local listing, and if the show is not there, just look for it to be live right after the one called Full Throttle Saloon). The show is called Will Race Anything, and it’s about me and Freiburger running in a different insane race on every episode.

In the first show, we take a ’75 Imperial with 440 power and enter it in an asphalt boat race, where cars drag a fiberglass boat on the ground and race 20 laps on a small oval in what Ukiah Speedway calls a rolling demo derby. The action is pure hilarious destruction.

This show is actually not associated with either BangShift.com or with Hot Rod magazine. It started in the time after our CarJunkieTV.com site shut down and before Brian and I started BangShift and before Freiburger went back to Hot Rod. There’s a producer named Jack Walworth who we knew from Power Tour years ago when he was with Hot Rod TV. After seeing some CarJunkieTV stuff, Jack thought of us for a Baja show that ended up falling through. The three of us then planned the race show, a company called 44 Blue produced it, and several networks were interested in it, though Tru won out. Tru is the all reality show network. See the network site here.

The show was also worked on by Dustin Gould and Jeremy Jackson. Both were our shooter/editor/producers back in CarJunkieTV days, and the producers hired them for digital management of Will Race Anything. Our graphics guy Eric Schoengarth did some of the animations. We had help wrenching from BangShifter Ryan Walker, but he got mostly cut out (remember, we were not the editors). You will also see Scott Risley, our buddy who normally works on car movies like Fast & Furious. Riz went to the race with us and we had way more fun than they allowed.

The show that airs Tuesday, December 15 is actually the pilot. If it does well in the ratings, then the network will order more shows and we’ll be in business. So all of you, do us a favor and check it out. And spread the word! It’s Tru TV, Tuesday, December 15, at 11:00 pm Eastern. If you get an Eastern feed on the West coast, then you might see it at 8:00 pm, otherwise it’s also at 11:00 in the West. If that’s confusing, check your local listing. We will be on right after Full Throttle Saloon.

Click here to see the out-takes video, from the Premier.

Here’s a teaser from the first Will Race Anything. Post it everywhere!


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