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Bitchin’ Video: The First Preview For The Upcoming Snake and Mongoose Movie!

Bitchin’ Video: The First Preview For The Upcoming Snake and Mongoose Movie!

One of the things I have been quietly looking forward to is the upcoming film, “Snake and Mongoose” which tells the story of Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen, their rise to fame with the famous Mattel deal, their trials and tribulations on and off the track, and their enduring friendship. This is really one of the great drag racing stories in the history of quarter mile competition and it is pretty neat that a dramatic film is being made and stories that have never been been told in public will be on the big screen.

This was not a huge budget operation but the trailer you’ll watch below looks high quality, historically accurate, and just plain neat. There will be hipsters and “cool guys” that will talk this film down on the budgetary issues I just mentioned, but screw them. The fact is, this is a movie about two of the great drag racers of their era, both of whom are still alive and we’ll be able to see it. In theaters or straight to DVD we don’t know, but we’re excited all the same. Tell your local car guy Ebert to kiss your backside if he wants to talk smack about a movie after seeing a two minute trailer. On the flip side, if the film totally bites when it is released we’ll be honest and tell you that as well. We’re giving this thing a fair shake one way or the other.


Snake&Mongoose first trailer from Wayne Holloway on Vimeo.

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13 thoughts on “Bitchin’ Video: The First Preview For The Upcoming Snake and Mongoose Movie!

  1. Moingoose and Snake: You guys are great

    Just do a documentary.
    This pretend nonsense is crapola.
    Period perfect references and speed equipment.
    Just do a documentary.

    1. Gerrit

      2x on the documentary,
      As a kid my dad took me to the premiere of Le Mans and all the racing action was spoiled by the pretended love stories. Just mount a camera in/on Larsons Nova (as an example) and download it after one season.

  2. Dan

    If they had a good consultant and don’t say things like, “I hear he’s running a big block 425 boosted on rocket fuel,” then at least it should be watchable. We have all seen the same grossly inaccurate technical statements made over and over in “car” movies. If this one avoids them, then it will be a big step ahead of the rest.

  3. cyclone03

    Well the sound track seems to be bad ass!
    As for the just do a documentry,yes there needs to be one,but the back storys in thier off track lives is also a story in itself,just the two biggies shown in the trailer,Don quiting,Tom loosing his son,should make them both more “human” to non race fans.

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