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This Collection Of Australian Burnout Carnage Has It All: Fire, Wrecked Metal, And Dead Engines!

This Collection Of Australian Burnout Carnage Has It All: Fire, Wrecked Metal, And Dead Engines!

You know what’s safe? Sitting still holding a stuffed animal for comfort. You know what isn’t safe? Australian burnout contests. Nothing says “injury waiver” quite like supercharged V8s bashing the rev limiter like a jackhammer, spinning rear wheels doing well over triple-digit speeds while the car does a lazy donut, all contained in a small skidpan surrounded by EMS, fire personnel, and barriers…big, not-gonna-move, fender-killing barriers. When everything goes right, a burnout show is concentrated hoonery at it’s finest, at full proof.

You show me one automotive sport where everything goes right 100% of the time, I’ll sell you oceanfront property in Arizona. Carnage can and does ensue at these events. The walls bite. The gobs of molten rubber flung onto the underside of the car can catch fire. Fuel lines can open up and make a pretty show. Or, after treating the rev limiter like a suggestion for a couple of minutes, you are left to pick up the pieces that a few minutes prior had been a complete engine off of the ground. Our man Flinty is one of those brave souls that stands right there, camera in hand, ready to capture it all, and that means that he’s got a back catalog of when things get screwed up. Here’s his collection from the past 12 months…you enjoy, we’re going to check on that life insurance policy…

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6 thoughts on “This Collection Of Australian Burnout Carnage Has It All: Fire, Wrecked Metal, And Dead Engines!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Automotive sport?

    Since when is spending a shed load of money, putting long hours of work in to build a car whose only purpose is to spin its drive wheels considered a sport? Then when the whole thing is destroyed the idiots just build another one. It would be more like a sport if their seatbelts were welded shut and prizes given for the loudest screams as the flames drew ever nearer…..

  2. aussie351

    Geordie, these folks compete for stupid amounts of prize money, so in anyone’s language, that’s a sport.
    Personally, “high speed tip-in”, “insane driving style”, and cars on fire do absolutely nothing for me. But watching one hit the wall on tip-in does make me chuckle.
    I’ve probably put this link up before…but in contrast to the video above, this is what I reckon a burnout should look like….
    (ps. Aren’t 351 Clevelands just the greatest!!!)

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yes – well you have a point. but how is Australia going to produce such motor sport legends as the great Jones father and son team if they just devote their energies to burning tyres?

  4. Rod

    DRUGGIES – Please explain?

    Are you insinuating that there is that kind of people involved in motor sport – CAN\’T imagine that.

    (sarcasm FULLY intended)

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