Door Slammed: Watch The Zombie Wagon Get Into The Side Of A Nova At Bradenton Motorsports Park

Door Slammed: Watch The Zombie Wagon Get Into The Side Of A Nova At Bradenton Motorsports Park

When it comes to drag racing craziness, we’re thankful that two car incidents are a relative rarity in the sport. Yes, we see them in videos like this but the reality is that seeing two cars actually get into each other is a very infrequent thing and that’s a good thing. This video was made at Bradenton Motorsports Park. During eliminations in the Heavy Street category a nice looking Nova lined up against the Zombie wagon, a car that we have seen compete at DuckX productions in both No Time and class style racing.

The Zombie Wagon is a bad ass car. Running on small radial rear tires, using a steel body, a nitrous injected engine and often times carrying the wheels well down the race track, we have called some really fun runs featuring this car over the years. This was not one of those fun runs as you’ll see below.

The thing about a radial tire is that the potential craziness does not end at the starting line. The wagon hustles off the line hard but then breaks traction and tries to make a hard left turn. With a quick pedal job, the car rockets left and hammers the Nova in broadside fashion bashing it not the wall.

The driver of the wagon then hammers the gas again and while some people are freaking out about this, we’re not. The reason he was back on the gas is because he did not know where the other cars was OR if it was heading back across the track. Thankfully it was not, but he was trying to get to clear space and not make a bad deal worse.

This is a racing accident. They happen. Hopefully both cars, especially the Nova, can be fixed and returned to competition quickly.

Press play below to see the Zombie wagon crash into a Nova at Bradenton –

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11 thoughts on “Door Slammed: Watch The Zombie Wagon Get Into The Side Of A Nova At Bradenton Motorsports Park

  1. egads

    Like most idiot’s, get’s loose, get’s back on it , get’s loose, get’s on it, etc ,etc. Moron !!!!

  2. bob

    He was back in the gas while he was still driving the guy into the wall.

    The other guy might have a different opinion.

  3. Race Car Alex

    Really feel for the Nova guy here. We’ve all seen this car make some sketchy runs in the past, such as that wild lane swapping ride at Sweet 16 in the final qualifying session, when Henschel luckily didnt leave the line. Can’t say this sort of thing was unexpected. The will to win, or put down a good number has long gotten people in trouble. Poor Nova caught the brunt of this one

  4. Robert

    A combo of bad decisions and bad driving. I get pedaling it but once it kept breaking loose you gotta just give up.

  5. egads

    Just my opinion ( I know-Worthless ) . You sign a waiver before you race. Accident- each guy take’s care of their own. STUPIDITY- the idiot needs to pay for everything, car, medical, everything. If he doesn’t, ( if this is his way of racing ) BAN him from every track in the country.

  6. Joe Jolly

    When I first started paying attention to drag racing was during the funny car /top fuel match race nights in the 70’s. I saw 6 second, 250 mph funny cars putting on a show at both Detroit and Motor City Dragway. They could pull together about 16 cars for a Wednesday night, under the lights, nitro bash! There was no track prep. None. Maybe sweep the starting line if necessary. Cars routinely oiled down the track, tossed blowers, engine bits and body parts while trying to put on a show for the thousands of people that would show up. I saw a funny car cross lanes and hit the other car at 180+ mph one evening there. I have seen a funny car run off the track (no guard rail at Detroit) into the grass and ditch and drive out to finish the race ! These guys wanted to race and we wanted to see it! The crazy performance from so many cars these days is very reminiscent of my days at Detroit in the early/mid 70s except today, there have to be hundreds upon hundreds of crazy small tire cars capable of running over 200 mph running across the country!
    , You know that every time you stage your car against someone else you risk losing it all..That’s part of the allure me thinks.

  7. motorhead

    Don\’t race anything you cannot afford to push off a cliff.

    That includes yourself.

  8. bob

    LOL Jack I saw that video and thought the same thing

    It was confirmed it was the same guy. He was getting money to pay the nova guy off before he got his azz kicked.

    I think Brian classified it as a “just a banking accident”.

    Sorry Brian….

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