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If You’re Going To Make A Run On The Street, Make Sure You Aren’t Up Against A COP!

If You’re Going To Make A Run On The Street, Make Sure You Aren’t Up Against A COP!

I’ll admit it openly and honestly: I don’t do it often, but occasionally I’ll run a stoplight drag race. I usually do it for two reasons: either I know the guy next to me and we’re just screwing off, or I’m preparing to shut up some idiot child who is egging for a race from the passenger seat of a 1991 Jetta that is moments away from puking a rod. You can stand on any moral ground you want, but plenty of people have gone on green. “Don’t be stupid” is the main statement if you choose to partake: know the traffic flow, the speed limit of the road (which should be your “lift” point) and all of the entry/exit points along the stretch you are running. You also might want to take a quick note of the car you’re preparing to take on if you don’t know the guy. The owner of this Nissan Z recently learned that lesson in the ultimate worst way possible. He lined up against a fairly sedate-looking Dodge Challenger. It’s not an SRT-8, it’s not a Scat Pack, it’s a Pursuit.

Yeah, that means that the Nissan owner really screwed up.

According to the Nissan driver, he got away with it, saying that the cop pulled up and asked if he still wanted to race. Apparently the cop gave him a second shot and laid waste to the Z. He didn’t mention if he just let the cop win to save his own ass or not…

EDIT: Since the video was yanked from YouTube for whatever reason, here’s the synopsis: Launch on green, Nissan pulls ahead one car length before the cop in the Challenger hits the lights and the kid in the Z ruins a pair of shorts. 

(Courtesy of Car Throttle)

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5 thoughts on “If You’re Going To Make A Run On The Street, Make Sure You Aren’t Up Against A COP!

  1. john

    In ’03, while exercising my new Sierra 2500 w/ an 8.1 L on the GSPW in NJ, I came out of the New Gretna toll North bound with a trooper on my left. The toll booth is 8 lanes wide funneling down to 2 lanes so I nailed it. Hitting 65 I stopped accelerating. The trooper came up next to me, shook his head and took off. He was driving a Ford “police interceptor”. Too funny.

  2. cyclone03

    Without seeing the video…..
    I never “raced” a cop but I have nearly gave one a front row seat.
    Me in Mustang , other guy in Ferrari. I was already stopped at light Ferrari guy pulls a few stunts to get next to me at the front of the line. Stops and starts with the red line throttle blips , I gave a few Big Block taps. Wife asks if I can take him, I say no but watch what the cop does, she say where? At the light waiting to turn right is an “unmarked” SAPD car, he is hanging back but I spotted him when he rolled up. Light goes green and I pull off a perfect .000 light, but no speed, tire spin, nothing, I’m almost though the intersection when Ferrari guys does a flyby, I’m at about 30mph,he is over that. A block latter we roll by….

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