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If You Could Buy Any New Tool Or Machine For Your Shop, What Would It Be?

If You Could Buy Any New Tool Or Machine For Your Shop, What Would It Be?

If you are like me, then every time you watch one of those car tv shows, or a build video online, you see something in the corner of the shop that you would just love to have in your own shop. I’m not talking about another project car, I’m talking about some tool or machine that you would just die to have. Sometimes the tool or machine is ultra cool, and you’ve seen people use them, but wouldn’t have a clue as to how to use it yourself. Or at least, not very effectively.

For me the list of tools I’d love to have is long. I’m talking several power tools, a lot of sheetmetal working equipment, and then heavy hitters specifically for fabricating parts for chassis etc. But there are also small tools that I see on a regular basis and want as well. It’s non-stop for me really, so I’m hoping it is for you too, or I might need to see a doctor.

If I had to list my top tools or machines I would probably gravitate towards a plasma cutting system or sheetmetal working tools, although a Bridgeport or other small mill would be cool too. Hell, I don’t know I want it all!

What would you really want if you could choose any one tool or machine for your home shop?

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8 thoughts on “If You Could Buy Any New Tool Or Machine For Your Shop, What Would It Be?

  1. Dana Rasmussen

    That\’s a good question for those who have a shop, as opposed to a garage…
    Serious machines need serious power, space, and weight handling…not to mention the $$ to get them running.

  2. jerry z

    I would like either a Bridgeport mill or a Hardinge or Clausing lathe. Only thing sucks is converting to single phase at home. When you’re use to a machine running on a 3 phase motor, it’s not the same using one at home.

  3. nitrostreet

    Lathe is one of the next tools, already got a cnc mill, and running 3 phase at home is no problem if you just get a rotary phase converter, a lot easier than trying to switch to single phase. Just look up American Rotary.

  4. threedoor

    I picked up a Bridgeport last year at a yard sale with a bunch of tooling and a phase converter. Parked it at my dads next to his lathe and three phase. Got horizontal and vertical band saws there as well I went for the vertical saw. Came back with so much more. Wish I had bought one of his two 2×72 sanders. Still kicking myself for that lapse.

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