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Leaky Vintage Hein Werner Floor Jack Restoration Video

Leaky Vintage Hein Werner Floor Jack Restoration Video

Both my grandpa and my dad had Hein Werner T-Handle floor jacks when I was a kid. Both are still around, one sitting unused in my uncle’s garage and the other in storage like most stuff waiting for us to finish up the new shop. As a kit I rode the floor jack like it was my own personal hot rod and my grandpa always said I put 100,000 miles per summer on his. This floor jack has a nob that releases the pressure and a t-handle for jacking it up with both hands. In this video, you will see a complete restoration going on with this one.

Since we recently featured the Project Farm video about new floor jacks, it is really interesting to see just how much nicer this old jack is built than most of the new stuff.

I love my dad’s and would love to have my grandpa’s, but I don’t know if I’d want to leave them looking old and well used or do this kind of restoration. This jack sure turned out nice and looks amazing. It is kind of tempting. Hmmmm.

Video Description:

My dad has had this car jack for years. He bought it used and apparently the previous owner made some interesting modifications to it… They used to use these things to re-bend vehicle frames back into shape after an accident which put a lot of stress on them. Anyway it was leaking pretty bad and wouldn’t lift up a car anymore so I decided I’d rebuild it for him and make a restoration video out of it.

I started this restoration project a few years ago, but after I tore it apart I realized I’d need a lathe to actually fix it up properly. It sat in a storage bin for years in pieces until I got a lathe and enough courage to try and put it all back together. Sorry the video ended up being a feature length film… I couldn’t really cut it down much more and I don’t like multi-part series.

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