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Quick Videos: The Sights Ad Sounds Of Nitro On the Salt At Bonneville Speed Week

Quick Videos: The Sights Ad Sounds Of Nitro On the Salt At Bonneville Speed Week

One of the things that really blew me away on the salt was the sheer number of cars running nitro and how much of it they were running. This wasn’t some weak suck 30% load that guys were messing with. Nope, these cars had 80-90+% of the good stuff cursing through their veins for miles on end. In talking to some of the engine builders, less compression and lower revs were two of the basic keys to keeping a nitro motor happy for the long runs down the salt.

During the week, I shot a couple videos with my phone to illustrate the sheer awesomeness of nitro at Bonneville. They aren’t artistic, well shot, thoughtful, or anything else bordering on the pro-level video that is becoming the norm on the web these days. Instead, it is raw and depicts a couple of cool scenes from the week.

The first video is of the FlatCad team tuning their car up in impound one morning. We’re talking about a 350-360ci Cadillac FLATHEAD topped with a big huffer and running a still load of fuel. Listen to this thing cackle away at dawn!

Secondly, here’s a nitro burning lakester coming off the truck and thundering down the salt. No further description needed –

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5 thoughts on “Quick Videos: The Sights Ad Sounds Of Nitro On the Salt At Bonneville Speed Week

  1. 3rd Generation

    Great Coverage All Week !

    Thanks to all that made it happen. Really appreciate it.

    Bonneville Magic !

  2. Phil Blackmer

    Phil and Sandi in Port Orange Fl.

    Y’all out did your selves with your Bonneville coverage. My wife and I were fortunate enough to get there in 1999, if you’ve never been, pls put it on your “bucket list”. Nothing like a big motor on a load of 90% nitro, you’ll never forget it. Mexico was well represented, probably the Bean Bandits, as they were making margarita’s by the gallon @ the hotel. They had a weed eater motor on their mixer. Saw a man pull in with a chopped 32-5 window beater, drove it straight thru from Oregon, does it every year. People in aluminum Tear drops sleeping on the salt. What a experience.

  3. Phil Hendrix

    Was there in 2011, stood next to Ed Iskenderian at the starting line and stood between the Speed Demon and Team Vesco at the head of staging as the sun came up. Surely this is Mecca, was completely blown away and I had been there once before years ago. The nightly car show in Wendover is not to be missed and listening to a liner or fuel roadster way down course is better than anything I ever poured out of a bottle or enhaled.

  4. shaun down under

    loved very bit of BS’s coverage of Bonneville ill get there one day hopefully with a car all the way from Melbourne Australia keep up the good work guys

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