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Rubbin’ Is Racin’ Ain’t Just For The Circle Track! Watch As This S-10 And Dart Tangle!

Rubbin’ Is Racin’ Ain’t Just For The Circle Track! Watch As This S-10 And Dart Tangle!

You know that form you have to sign when you enter a track? The one that basically makes you admit that you understand you’re going to play a dangerous game that might end up with damage? There’s a reason why it exists…things happen. Parts get scattered. Backfires send hoodscoops towards overhead 737s. And cars get out of shape. Racing is not for the timid, and probably the best advice I ever heard works well here: “Don’t race anything you aren’t willing to push over a cliff.”

Now, we wouldn’t be in a hurry to see either this wicked little S-10 or the Dart Swinger take the Wile E. Coyote plunge, but unfortunately, this race does not have a winner. Watch the Dart’s driver-side front wheel on launch very, very carefully. We might be seeing things, but from where we sit, that wheel and tire package isn’t completely playing along with the rest of the steering. Did something break that caused the Mopar to get loose? We don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that it gets loose before it gets into the Chevy. Luckily, the Chevy misses getting into a fire hydrant, and there aren’t any real hurt feelings involved.

Editor’s Note:

We now know that parts did in fact break in the rear suspension of the Dart Swinger and that when it got out of shape the driver lifted which caused the suspension to move and unload and get even worse which sent him towards the S10. The big jerk of the wheel, which saved him from completely plowing into the S10, whipped his quarter panel into the S10. Thankfully it was at relatively low speed and both drivers walked away with minor damage considering what could have been.

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5 thoughts on “Rubbin’ Is Racin’ Ain’t Just For The Circle Track! Watch As This S-10 And Dart Tangle!

  1. claymore

    Moron in the dodge should have gotten out of it rather that trying and failing to drive out of it.

  2. Gary Smrtic

    Just looks like really bad driving to me! The car was way ahead of the tool behind the wheel.

  3. stink

    Dart broke a caltrac bar. I\’d say he did a pretty good job considering neither car was totalled.

    1. Steve

      McTaggart that\’s a really shitty headline man – you should really reconsider that.

  4. C.M. Bendig

    Atheist the street was not lined with spectators all the way down, and no one was seriously injured.

    This crap I why I don’t watch the ‘street racing’ TV shows. The short lived one with the idiots that V8’ed a Grand National I could see that happening. All those cars would have failed a Tech Inspection. People go out and run sketchy stuff and don’t check it out. Then crap breaks and wrecks happen.

    Track or Street every so many launches you need to crawl under the ride and look everything over. No matter who made what parts. Goes the same with off road trucks. Every so many flex’s or obstacles you have to check to mounts, frame, suspension. Same with a circle track car. There is always one tech misses that doesn’t check stuff. They get towed off the track the most, cause the most caution laps per season.

    In Racing Shit happens. I watched a Class E-mod race where one car went right on top of the driver in another car. A fight broke out after the driver on the bottom was taken to the hospital. No one mean to do it. It ended racing for the night. We had to wait for EMS and fire to clear out before we could clear the cars from the track. The advantage of ‘being at a track’ when crap goes wrong: they usually have a medic on hand, people are around that can & will help. Cars can be fixed. people can’t.

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