The “WTF?!” Files: A Violent Mud-Bogging Camaro/HMMWV Hybrid

The “WTF?!” Files: A Violent Mud-Bogging Camaro/HMMWV Hybrid

Chopped-up first-gen Camaro, check. LS swap, check. Mud tires on a Camaro trar that has the words “The Honky Donk” across the spoiler, check. Cue up the hate mail, today’s the day. It’s the unholy union of HMMWV components, parts from derelict early Camaros, the look that’s straight-up stolen from the last Mad Max movie, and an owner who will kick the hell out of it at will because that’s exactly what he wanted to do with it. And for a trump card, it’s got rear-steer, so you can do four-wheel donuts that will shame an Evo or a Subaru. And just to ice the cake of “WTF” here, there’s nitrous. Good God, it’s glorious.

At first sight, you might assume the worst about the car and the owner and move on, but follow along with Larry Chen as he goes over this creation from tip to tail. The combination is actually pretty genius and there’s plenty of footage proving that everything works as it should, both in the mud, where it’s originally designed to be, and in a burnout box ripping tight circles at the loudest possible volume.

The only thing missing are spears, shirtless albinos with silver-painted mouths, and one pissed-off Australian nearby.

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4 thoughts on “The “WTF?!” Files: A Violent Mud-Bogging Camaro/HMMWV Hybrid

  1. MGBChuck

    I likey the weird and odd, 100% functional stuff. What a great build (twisted), if the owner had any more fun with it, WOW, I lack the vocabulary to express how awesome this totally unique 1st gen Camaro is.

  2. HotRodPop

    OH, THE SHAME! A ’68 Camaro with an LS! Where’s Geordie, screamin’ at the sky? Where’s the purist outrage? STFU!!! I decry the proliferation of the LS too (a great engine, mind you, but in EVERYTHING? Gimme a break!), but this abomination is SOOOO cool! I can imagine pulling into the driveway with this and the HOA exploding under a mushroom cloud in the distance! AWESOME!!!

  3. Lakewood

    I’m totally obsessed with the vehicle! Very unique and functional build that looks awesome! Never paint it…but graph on a better (not new) left rear quarter. Thirty day build and been hammered on like this for four years! Love the independent front and rear suspension and steering. The way it sit on the frame is perfect. Would love to see a more in-depth walk around and look underneath. Most of these car/truck hybrids look horrible, not this one! I do hope he doesn’t kill a bunch of folks with the dizzying, multiple 360 burnouts.

  4. Dennis

    To me, most cars that have the truck chassis underneath don’t look very good at all. This one is different. It looks “right” and is obviously a heck of a lot of fun. In fact, I dare someone to show me a build that costs less and gives as much fun.

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