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Watch as JRT Customs’ Nissan Gets Sideways Off The Line At Loring!

Watch as JRT Customs’ Nissan Gets Sideways Off The Line At Loring!

One of the highlights of racing at Loring, Maine last weekend was watching JRT Customs’ 1995 Nissan D21 start off down the track. The SR20DET-powered truck launched soft, but even in second gear, the second the boost came on the power delivery went from meek to unholy and the truck blew the Mickey Thompsons away with ease. The driver, Jason Theriault, went for one hell of a ride, going sideways and at several points, bringing a back wheel off the ground. As soon as Theriault got the Nissan straightened up he nailed the throttle and claimed a speed of 206.233 mph.

Theriault attributes the skills he used to save his bacon from years of kart racing. While we have no doubt that a racing background helps, looping a mini truck at speeds well over 100mph isn’t exactly in the same territory as kart racing. For starters, if you spin a kart, you’re less likely to have to clean out your racing suit.

Click play below to watch the sideways antics of JRT Customs’ pissed-off Nissan!

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3 thoughts on “Watch as JRT Customs’ Nissan Gets Sideways Off The Line At Loring!

  1. b3m

    I was hoping to see his in person this year… wild 4 cyl. I live closer to loring as of thismonth, maybe I’ll get there.

  2. Donald Rideout

    I have seen this truck up close and personal. In one word, AWESOME!!! I have NEVER seen, nor will I probably EVER see again in my lifetime, a 4cylinder like this. Jason is THE best all around mechanic/fabricator/engine builder/electronics wizard/etc., etc., etc. that I have ever met. The best thing is, he would do anything to help someone out. I am glad to call him a friend.

  3. Jamie

    I completely agree with Donald. I grew up about 1/4 mile down the road from Jason and I do have to say that as far as the kart racing goes I’m sure it came into play. I can’t tell you the times I’ve seen Jason fly down our country road at over 100 mph in a kart he built himself. I could always know to be on the lookout when I’d hear it start. Congrats Jason! I remember the truck from it’s origins, when he was blowing out windows with his stereo in Ames parking lot…he has done so much to that truck and deserves a helluva lot more credit that he’s got from not only his build but the performance of it!

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