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World’s Largest Parade of Classic Tractors Record Broken At Nebraska State Fair – Almost 1,000 Tractors in Parade!

World’s Largest Parade of Classic Tractors Record Broken At Nebraska State Fair – Almost 1,000 Tractors in Parade!

(Photo by RFD-TV) – Take that Germany! The Guinness Record for the world’s longest parade of classic tractors was wrested back to the USA last weekend at the Nebraska State Fair. According to the people at RFD-TV/Rural TV, 964 tractors circled the oval track at the fairgrounds for two miles, breaking the previous record of 745 tractors set by Elbach, Germany previously. We know that the Europeans love their old tractors as much as we do here in the states, but this dominating show of force should make them think twice before trying to mess with that record again. Don’t make us bump this thing to 1,000+ because we’ll do it….seriously, we will.

The tractors were all a minimum of 30 years old and certified that they met all the criteria by Guinness officials. The sound of all those chugging tractors must have been pretty neat as they rolled slowly around the track. We’re not sure what the mix between gas jobs and diesels was, but the noise must have been just great, especially if you’re into this stuff like we are.

Congrats to the participants and we’ll sleep better tonight knowing that this record is back where it belongs, right here in the USA!

The full release is below the photo!

Omaha, NE (September 17, 2012) – The Guinness world’s record for a parade of classic tractors is now 964 tractors/drivers thanks to a determined group of tractor owners at the Nebraska State Fair. The parade took place around the Fonner Park Racetrack after a morning thunderstorm as part of the opening weekend of events at the fair organized and sponsored by RFD-TV/RURAL TV.
In order to qualify, each tractor provided the VIN/Serial number and was at least 30 years old. Over 1,000 tractors/drivers participated in RFD-TV and RURAL TV’s parade. A representative from Guinness certified that 964 classic tractors met all of the requirements and drove continuously around the track for a minimum of two miles. The previous record was 745 held by Elbach, Germany.

“I have never felt more pride in the history of RFD-TV,” said Patrick Gottsch, Founder & President of Rural Media Group, Inc. “The perseverance by our staff and these tractor enthusiasts through the mud was a sight to behold in itself, as they were not going to be denied the chance to break the Guinness record. Seeing over 1,000 classic tractors moving at one time was a real crowd pleaser.”

A capacity grandstand was filled with over 10,000 viewers in-and-around the Fonner Park track who witnessed this unprecedented display of machinery of the past. At least 31 states were represented, with 730 entries coming from Nebraska and the rest traveling great distances including some entries coming from as far away as New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Michigan, and Arizona.

With additional storm clouds gathering above Grand Island, NE, the rescheduling of the parade was put to a voice vote at an 11am driver meeting. It was unanimously decided that the parade was to continue as scheduled at 1pm when every driver threw their hand in the air and shouted “Today!”

The parade was broadcast “live” on RFD-TV and RURAL TV hosted by veteran farm broadcaster and tractor enthusiast Max Armstrong, along with KRVN’s Joe Greenwich.

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5 thoughts on “World’s Largest Parade of Classic Tractors Record Broken At Nebraska State Fair – Almost 1,000 Tractors in Parade!

  1. 70chevyC-10

    The owner of RFD -TV is also the owner of the stuffed Bullet (Dog) and Silver (horse) from the old Lone Ranger Shows. Must be an interesting (is that the correct word ?) person.

  2. Nancy

    Would have loved to have been a part of this. What is the oldest tractor there?? We have a 1931 Farmall Regular along with 11 others. the newest one we have is a 1960.

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