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BOOK REVIEW: Just Needs A Recharge – The Hack Mechanic’s Guide to Vintage AC

No matter what kind of car you’re interested in, you’re likely to run into dozens of examples that indicates the air conditioning system “Just needs a recharge.”

Bottom Dollar Blazer Project – Episode 3: Starting the Bodywork

When last I wrote and you read, I had fixed up a bunch of the mechanical issues on the ’79 Blazer, to make sure it ran ok, and could stop safely without killing myself and all those around me....

Hacks of the Week from Reddit’s JustRolledIntoTheShop

Sometimes it’s DIY gone wrong, sometimes its a catastrophic failure at a shop full of trained mechanics. Either way, they’re hilariously awful, and that’s why we call them the Hacks...

Italian Furniture Builders Built This BMW K100RS Cafe Racer Out of An Oil Drum and It’s DEADLY

Vibrazioni Art Design isn’t known for building motorcycles. It’s recognized for building cool furniture out of old 55 gallon oil drums, the way half the bands in Jamaica built their drum...

Epic Hacks: Reddit’s “Just Rolled in the Shop” Subreddit Will Give you Nightmares

  Reddit has a million “subreddits” on everything from trees to male fashion advice. Our favorite is “Just Rolled in the Shop,” a collection of photos from mechanics all over...