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Book Review: Racing Safely, Living Dangerously

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  • Book Review: Racing Safely, Living Dangerously

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    Re: Book Review: Racing Safely, Living Dangerously

    Its was sad to have a Man that did so much to make others safe be blamed for the death of someone who did so little for the safety others as well as himself. Let the Non-Big E fan bashing begin!!!!!!
    Jeremy George in Windsor NY


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      Re: Book Review: Racing Safely, Living Dangerously

      I was one of those ornery Earnhardt fans.......but even at that, it was something of "common knowledge" that Dale liked his belts installed in a fashion that was not in accordance with Simpson's reccomendations.

      it made me sick to my stomach when certain factions started pointing the finger of blame at Bill Simpson....the fact they used hm and his life's work as scapegoats is beyond dishonorable.

      Bill Simpson has done the racing world one hell of a service by innovating/improving safety equipment.

      As a side note, I park my semi next to IRP in Clermont, Indiana....Brownsburg is literall a stone's throw west of the facility.

      There's a new business park down the road, and amongst them is IMPACT! Racing's corporate HQ(Don Schumacher, Don Prudhomme,John Force and Vance&Hines have shops over in this same industrial park...but I digress....).

      I've seen Bill Simpson in his office late in the evenings before as I drove past....wondered what kind of amazing products he was designing/inventing.

      Have been saying I'll get this book for a while...I need to do it ASAP.