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Lonestar Roundup Apr 5-6th

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  • Lonestar Roundup Apr 5-6th

    I will be rolling into town friday early evening and staying thru sunday, im shooting a couple cars plus event coverage, Im rolling with some guys from the northside of austin and we'll be hanging at some popular spots off of Congress avoiding that whole mess, look for the guy with the camera and the BS workshirt, that'll prolly be me
    Charles W - BS Photographer at large

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    Charles Will Have A Sore Shutter Finger Monday!

    I just got home from the LSRU,it was huge!
    I've been going from the beginning and I've never seen more cars or CROWD!
    2000 cars? Maybe,if not more.

    Cars and clubs from both coast(all three coast?).

    Charles could do a photo folder a day with just forced induction cars,diesel swaps,Rat Rods and lace/panel paints and still have folders left over. How about 3 McCollague(spl) supercharged Ford 312's. Im a Ford guy and have never seen that. Turbos yup,blowers,cant swing a dead cat by the tail without hitting one.

    It was overload.

    And,I scored a 351C tunnel ram for $50!


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      there was some deals in the swap meet, i just didnt have the coin to pick up what I wanted, fingers crossed I'll see those guys at the next swap meet
      Charles W - BS Photographer at large