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How much is too much

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    Re: How much is too much

    I guess my question is do you seperate you garage/work shop from the value of the house? Like John said "If i was single..." my garage would be bigger than my house, so does that take or add to the car/home value ratio.

    All though, I think I would rather have 5 $15,000 cars that I can enjoy than one $75,000 regardless of my house price.

    just my .02.

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      Re: How much is too much

      Where I live isnt as important to me, I am used to moving every few years and I have lived in hovels and mansions. (Seriously) Having lived for 5 years in an unfinished house with plywood floors, I now have a new appreciation for a decent house, but it would never have to be $100k. One place I am looking at in Nebraska has a shop bigger than the one I have here, and two other outbuildings plus a 3 car garage. The house inst bad, and they are asking $99k for it. If I could swing that much I would be gone already, but to do that I would have to sell the 70 GTO and the 72 Formula to afford it. Without those two, whats the point of having a shop and a garage? I can keep my drag car anywhere.

      My emphasis is on the shop, where I can work on or park my cars. I could live in an old dealership with 15 bays, and make a small apartment in one of the offices. Just a place to shower, cook, do laundry, and sleep. Women dont like living that way though, but I wouldnt mind it at all if the shop wasnt outrageously expensive to heat and cool. Im not trailer trash, I just dont need a huge house with all sorts of things in it. Hell its just me, women cant stand to be with me for long, so why worry about what they want?

      If you want to buy a $75k car and you can afford it, then go do it. I cant see paying that much for an old car, mainly because I cant see paying that much for ANY car. Classic car prices are just plain silly anymore. $15k for an old car is ludicrous to me, but I dont mind if someone is willing to pay me that for one. It would be a nice tidy profit on some of these. I tend not to worry about what Joe down the street is doing or can afford, I am more concerned with what I can do this week or where I can find the parts I need. My own life has too much going on to be concerned with anyone else.


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        Re: How much is too much

        I worked with a guy in the early 80's who lived in a rented single-wide trailer at the end of a dirt road, and he had a $60K giant monster show truck. Remember, this was early 80's dollars. He parked it beside the house trailer with a cloth cover on it to keep it from getting dirt road dust on it. Yeah, he was a check book (or credit card) rodder.

        Even back then it lent me to realize that if there is such a thing as "them" and "us,"...then "we" sure wouldn't do it and "we" don't know what they're thinking, and "they" sure don't care what "we" think because "they" are way busy thinking something else entirely.

        It's almost as big of a question as to why we have to pass a test and demonstrate competence to get a driver's license, but anybody on earth can have and raise children. I reckon it all makes the world go around.
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          Re: How much is too much

          Originally posted by 72Chevelle
          So I am driving down the street the other day and notice a guy just picked up a beautiful 57' Chevy. My guess is he
          paid north of $75K for it. I point it out to my wife and her first response is, WOW his house is only worth $100K, I wonder what he was thinking.

          I guess I never really thought about it before, but is their some type of relationship between how much money you can put into your toys before putting it into your house?
          this is an easy one.
          SOME people don't need a house that is bigger,better than the 100k house you and your wife saw the 57 at.
          keeping up with the jones is a fools game. and alot of people found this out..
          also .people that I've known that have loosed a house from mother nature or fire. don't see the worth in dropping tons in a item you can't get out of harms way.. ;)


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            Re: How much is too much

            When I first became single and moved to Indiana, I lived in the shop...It didn't bother me one bit, I had a shower, a microwave and a fridge. When we wern't on the road I was in the shop all day, and could walk to a bar.
            Originally posted by TC
            also boost will make the cam act smaller