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Top 10 Speed Traps.

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  • Top 10 Speed Traps.

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    Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

    I don't know what the author means when he says "colorado is a home rule state" and goes on to say municipalities don't have to follow state law.....he's wrong!

    All local laws HAVE to be at least as restrictive as the state laws, they CANNOT be more relaxed.
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      Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

      paramus nj -rt 17 . the whole town


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        Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

        I see that the list is all larger municipalities, as of course it should be.

        But down here in Calhoun Tennessee, where the mill is, the one local cop or two made a real good living busting folks on US 11 in the 35 zone. 46 mph? Huge ticket, and forever immortalized on a few speed trap forums by the way Barney Fife had sort of a military attitude about it. Add insult to wallet and insurance injury.

        I can't say they're doing that as much now. There was a terrible uproar by as many as a few dozen people and I haven't seen the cop sitting in his spider hole way off the road in several months. They got a bad rap not so much as stopping speeders as for their attitude about it, according to all accounts. Plus, they got a new police chief a while back who fired everybody in the department (all two of them) his first minute on the job, but that's another thing.

        Speed trap? There are HUGE signs coming into Summersville WV on US it 19? saying speed limit 45, STRICTLY enforced. HUGE signs. And a cop sitting everywhere a cop can sit after that. I don't call that a speed trap. That's a warning. Take heed and warning. They'll clip your wings and bust your chops and make you cry.

        There WAS a speed trap in a little town in South Carolina all those years ago, McBee, on the way to Myrtle beach back when all the roads were two-lane. The limit went from 55 to 35. The 35 sign was hidden by the limbs and leaves of a giant oak tree, and the cop was sitting behind the trunk of the oak tree. Now, THAT is a speed trap. Legendary.

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          Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

          My sister decided I needed to have a radar detector for my birthday. There are a couple of pretty solid speed traps in the UP that I wouldn't have noticed without it. And one spot where the laser detector went off, but it was in the middle of nowhere with no one around, and no side roads for a cop to be hiding on.


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            Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

            I have never failed to a speed trap...
            lucky I guess.

            the one ticket I did get reminded me cops don't care for truth as much as they don't care for lies.
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              Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

              Got nailed for $165 last night... just flowing along with traffic... I happened to be in the passing lane, doing, Ohhh, 2-4 mph faster than the cars to my right. Which turned out to be 76 in a 65.

              I shoulda pulled my head outta my a$$.... NJ state tumors were EVERYWHERE yesterday, all day.

              This winter was so bad, the economy sucks, revenue is down, they decided to have a ticket party all over NJ since the weather finally got better. One of the nurses at my hospital got nailed too.

              Q: Where were these a$$hats when jagoff NJ drivers were cutting me off doing 80 in the snow/sleet?
              A: nice & warm & dry in the friggin' donut shop. Pussies. If they were real men, they'd be consistent, doing their job rain or shine.
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                Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

                gettin cold again a slow car , that is my trick


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                  Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

                  Oddly, two places I thought would make the top 10 did not show up.

                  St. George, KS (pop 589). Seriously, this is the Mecca of all speed traps. Located along a quaint section of old US 24 Highway along the muddy north bank of the Kansas River between Wamego and Manhattan. This little burg is heavily financed by profits gleaned from motorists who stray over the posted speed limit even just a little bit.

                  The other place (and this was a startling omission from the list) is ANYWHERE in the state of Ohio.

                  It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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                    Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

                    LOL Ron about St George.I could see DragWeek traveling down 24. ;D Sure cant speed here in town : Too many potholes to dodge!If Ive had a beer or two and get pulled over my reply to the officer would be"Lets see you drive down this street safely" ;D


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                      Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

                      they are all over..
                      hingham ,ma whiting street heading towards queen anns corner it's 45mph then half way down a hill it drops to 30,
                      and bam, the cop just sits there clicking off photo's and you get the ticket in the mail..
                      bridgewater rt 18 goes from 55 to 25
                      rockland will ticket you for not going the school zone speed, on a holiday when there is NO SCHOOL and the school zone lights are off..
                      sorry cops are not out there to protect you, they are there to tax you..
                      I'd have no issue getting a speeding ticket if I didn't get hit for it for 6 years on the insurance..
                      if towns are use'n tickets to fill a void , change the law so the insurance comp. doesn't get a bonus for 6 years..
                      pembroke, on 139 will change a speed limit sign for one day to get tickets..
                      hingham added a stop sign on the road(painted) no red sign. on a back road , for a side street off of a side street, only reason is for tickets,
                      they can't catch real crimes because they are to biz, with a ticket pad


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                        Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

                        128 AND 3 WERE REAL SPEEDWAYS


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                          Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

                          Small town in NW Missouri......Curryville
                          It was even featured on 60 Minutes and one of
                          the reasons Missouri passed a law citys can only
                          get a certain percentage of their revenue from speeding tickets

                          I drove through there about 10 years ago......small town
                          but with two new Crown Vic's

                          Got stopped for doing 45 in a 25.........$165 ticket
                          I knew I wasn't speeding ......and noticed a small piece of
                          cardboard in front of the dash mounted radar detector

                          Everyone that got stopped that day, I'm sure, got a ticket
                          for 45

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                            Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

                            Counties in California will charge a criminal assessment tax on top of what the state charges for a ticket. In LA County, it was 110% last time I looked. Some counties have their tax closer to 150%

                            LAX is now a ticket writing haven for LAPD. They put 12 motor patrol cops there two shifts a day to bump up security after Sept 11th to help LA Airport PD. It didn't take long for them to realize it's a great place for revenue boosting. I know dozens of people who have gotten nailed for something as piddly as no front license plate. I've seen them before their shift getting two ticket books each from their shift commander. The joke is that they say pulling those people over is part of looking for possible terrorists.

                            That article is completely correct that the San Fernando Valley is a huge place for speed traps for LAPD. The major streets are straight and some go all the way across the valley. They make a great alternative to driving on the freeways when they are screwed with traffic. It's very easy to plow along at 50 mph in the 35 zones.
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                              Re: Top 10 Speed Traps.

                              Originally posted by 116ciHemi
                              My sister decided I needed to have a radar detector for my birthday. There are a couple of pretty solid speed traps in the UP that I wouldn't have noticed without it. And one spot where the laser detector went off, but it was in the middle of nowhere with no one around, and no side roads for a cop to be hiding on.
                              Around here you can go 60-62 and not get stopped. Even the stretch between my house and the stoplight near Marquette. The state cops wont pull you over for anything less than 65, they dont want to deal with it and they wont even look at you.

                              Dont rely on the radar detector, always scan and use it as backup for watching what you are doing. Watch for planes too, they use them often around here.