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Jeremy Mayfield busted for meth possession

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    I waited longer than I originally expected, but:

    "I TOLD YOU SO!" :-))

    I do believe TC called it also. Meth heads don't all have their teeth missing, plenty of them are functional. Just like with functional alcoholics, pot heads, etc. Pick their poison, but the behavior is the same. Give it another couple years and Mayfield will probably be getting busted for pandering at highway rest areas. lol - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!


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      Meth, from what little I know or understand, is super-bad stuff. Again, from what little I know, its made from drain cleaner and stuff. Like, who wants to do that when you can buy beer at the store?

      Up the road close to where I work, a Sonic restaurant was abruptly closed down and BOARDED OVER. First, it was odd to see the place close down and the windows were boarded over maybe the next day.

      What hapenned? Well a local told me from a newspaper report they were cooking meth inside and selling meth right there at the drive-up stations at the Sonic. And it became a HAZMAT scene right away. Shut down and boarded up. It's sitting there right now, sign gone, windows boarded up. That's close to home. Dang. Talk about morons...that's not good for Sonic. I mean, they make a pretty good hot dog. At the other locations.

      Go figure.
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