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  • Car building TV

    I have to confess, I like to watch the various car building shows, like the power block, Rides, Wheeler Dealers, etc.

    I just stumbled on a new one on Velocity. Jared Zimmerman and Lou Santiago are hosting "Car Fix". It looks to be pretty heavy on the fabricating. It strikes me as kind of interesting in that these two were the original hosts of "Muscle Car".

    The show looks pretty cool to me.

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    After "Car Fix" they've got a show called "All Girls Garage" with Jessi Combs who used to be on "Extreme 4x4" on Spike. I'll have to check them both out.


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      I like the chicks on All girls garage .


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        I just set up the DVR to record them both tomorrow. No way I'm getting up at 7 am on Sunday to watch a show.
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          I watched them both this morning. Good stuff!

          Bruce K Bridges


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            I'm not working on the cars that I have, damn if I'm going to watch some guy work on his.........


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              TV Ladies car building

              well .. I went to WYOTECH and wear a size ZERO
              The only lady mechanic I ever knew was a size 28 and good with a q jet


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                I thought "Car Fix" was kind of weak. All shilling for sponsors, a bit of a lame attempt at an "Overhaulin' scenario, but the next episode better be way better or I'm out. "All Girls Garage" was OK, I'll give it another shot. That Z-28 didn't really look like a barn find to me. How long was it parked, a couple of years? To me, barn find means decades.


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                  If I ever find the remote, I'll have to check them out.
                  I'm probably wrong


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                    I'll have to try and get velocity, I'm hearing good things about it.

                    Of course I'll have to buy another 100 channels to get the one I want.
                    I'm still learning


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                      Velocity rules the school in my opinion.

                      They are running absolutely bad ass BBC documentaries like Grand Prix: The Killer Years and Deadliest Crash, they have Wheeler Dealers and Chasing Classic Cars, and their Mecum auction coverage brought to you by my pal Bill Stephens is entertaining. I am biased because I like watching Wheeler Dealers and Chasing Classic Cars with my boys.
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                        "All Girls Garage"... Dude, it's cute chicks working on cars... What more could you want!


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                          What is this TV thing you guys speak of? Oh yeah, I remember that. I suppose I could set up a webcam and you guys could watch me work on cars, pretty dry stuff though. Hey, you might catch me scratching my butt or see the wife lifting the car off me after the jackstands tipped over. Gotta have the drama.

                          Seriously though, from what I have seen of car shows its a bunch of hype, drama, and parts fitting together perfectly and nothing is ever dirty. The sponsors have their parts slapped on everything, and all it does is make me wonder why I am not out in the shop instead of watching these people look pretty for a camera?

                          Id rather be building, racing, or cruising.


                          Originally posted by mrocketscience View Post
                          "All Girls Garage"... Dude, it's cute chicks working on cars... What more could you want!
                          They could come over and work on my cars, the help would be appreciated. That is what I want.
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                            Some of the shows I enjoy and some I can't stand. One thing I find is that they do motivate me to get my own junk running.
                            Just groovin' to my own tune.


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                              I like Jessie, she seems to know her stuff.

                              I like Lou Santiago too...Have to check these ones out...
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