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Looking for a paint booth to rent in the DFW area

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  • Looking for a paint booth to rent in the DFW area

    I'm looking for a paint booth to rent in the Dallas, Texas area. Trying to finish up brothers Camaro for the summer and just need a place to shoot it. I'm really not wanting to do a driveway paint job on this one.

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    Looks like I left out some details as to what I'm looking for. Looking to rent a spray booth w/ air preferably one with a bake cycle for one Sat. or Sun. Looking to try to shoot the car in about three weeks. I will bring my own guns, paper, tape, paint, everything I need and will even take my trash back with me. The local high Schools all dropped the automtive classes a few years ago, so nothing there to use. Since I got out of painting for a living, I have sorta lost touch with people I would normally have been able to rent from.


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      i got one in houston

      might wanna pm bigdad, he may know someone
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