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Very Different , maybe weird set up

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  • Very Different , maybe weird set up

    I have fond an older (guessing mid 90's) Holley projection 4, 900cfm tbi unit.
    Just the tbi. nothing else. no harness, no brain.
    Was thinking of using this as the throttle body in a port type set up.
    Could the 4)80lb injectors in the unit be used as the NOS fuel enrichment instead of the standard nos fuel solenoid and jets /pills ?
    Trying to decide If I should remove the injectors and cup that holds them over the throttle body throttle blade.
    or put them to use .
    Does anyone know if a holley hp ecu or other?
    could control them as the nos fuel enrichment .
    Not sure if it is even worth doing ,
    other than not having to have bigger injectors in the rails, for when you push the button,
    them being able to keep up.
    Are the port injectors spray effected when they might be on the low end of their flow rate most of the time.
    Not sure how that all works.
    If the larger needle/seat for higher flow rate (lb per hour) effects the spray pattern when off the button and the engine normal street use the injector would be at the low end of the (I think it is called ) duty cycle.
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    This sounds doable if you are using a standalone ECU that has the capability of running both staged injection and wet flow nitrous (in the Holley family, a Dominator could do this but not an HP). Alternatively, you could pretend the TBI injectors were a set of fuel solenoids in a progressive nitrous control mode, but they'd need to run at a much higher frequency than a normal fuel solenoid.