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Spectra Premium Classic EFI Tanks

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  • Spectra Premium Classic EFI Tanks

    Anybody using or know anything about these?

    From Rock Auto:

    SPECTRA PREMIUM / COOLING DEPOT Part # GM32BFI Lock Ring Kit Included; Fuel Tank Assembly; Does not include mounting straps One of our most popular parts
    (Includes In-Tank Stock-Capacity Fuel Pump); 39-3/8" x 20-7/8" x 7-3/4"; Use When Replacing Stock Engine w/ Late Model Engine w/ Fuel Injection

    I was wondering whether extra baffles are added to these EFI tanks or maybe the fuel pump modules are like modern GM stuff with an integral reservoir? Would it be easy to switch the pump part out for a higher flow one if required?


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    Re: Spectra Premium Classic EFI Tanks

    I don't personally know anything but I did try to get some information from them
    a while back regarding what kind of a baffle system they had in the tank but the
    answer I got was kind of vague. Some pics would be nice. If the baffle is OK
    it seems like a pretty good deal if you're switching to efi.