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    Progressing nicely !!!


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      Originally posted by Matt Walter View Post

      I got the job at ATI Performance Parts in Baltimore and start tomorrow. that was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. this will allow me to focus the side work/parts sales back into the car again and i can try to get this thing back on track.
      Good progress Matt.

      Congrats on the job! Can you ask them where my trans is when you go in ... lol. J/K. Suppose to get update in morning.


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        it seems social media has really move over to facebook and instagram instead of traditional forums, so i have a lot of what i'm doing posted over there, however i will keep these threads going at least through the end of this year if possible.

        started some mock up of the clutch hydraulics. i'm a little frustrated about having to use hydraulics instead of a real racecar type pedal setup, but honestly, i'm out of time/resources so this will have to do. looks like this will fit, but have to get the trans back in the car to make sure.

        fuel pump mount is all done. i'm pretty happy with this.

        in an attempt to keep things from moving around too much, i've welded the seams on the strut towers. this just seems like a good idea.

        pause for life for a second. seems like i can't get a weekend in the garage without huge interruptions these days, lol. this weekend's interruption was brought to you by the drive belt tensioner pulley in the dryer exploding.

        this might be a distraction, or it might be for my sanity. trying to get things cleaned up in the bay. i was never satisifed with the last brake line setup, and the line going to the rear was messed up (not beyond function, but it needed to be redone). so, here we go, lol

        and i got the radiator hung. pretty satisified with this too. more parts coming this week. hope to have the engine bay in paint and the rearend reassembled.

        speaking of rearend, we have a new strategy. i will be seeking out a 29.5-30" tall street tire, and running a set of 4.57's. after how this year has gone, we just haven't been able to do enough testing and practicing of the gear swap, and i know it's gonna be a problem if i try to do it. so, 55 mph cruising speeds it is.
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          Great progressed!


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            Where did you get your brake lines from? Those look nice and clean. Where do we find the progress reports on FB?


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              the brake lines are all star performance and i got them from jegs. you can find more on this by friend requesting me.


              i'll have more updates coming soon. i had a small accident monday night while trying to get the engine bay stripped. i had an angle grinder fitted with a wire wheel, which kicked back from the edge of a piece of metal in the bay, freed itself from my grip, and flew into my face. i'm OK overall, but it got my cheek and lip pretty good. i'll get back out in the garage maybe tonight, but i took last night off.
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                monday night i had an accident in the shop. while using the wire wheel on an angle grinder, the wire wheel caughtt he edge of a piece of the engine bay, ripped out of my hands and ricocheted off my face. it was running unfortunately and it road rashed my cheek up pretty good, as well as tore my lip. so i took tuesday off from the car.

                however, here's where the engine bay is now. pretty happy with this.

                hoping to have that in paint soon.

                in other news, i got a new set of wheels and tires for the rear. 15x10 draglites with 6.5" back spacing for $150, then a set of 265/75/15 tires from the used tire shop down the street for $80 mounted and balanced. these are 30.6" tall. it should kill some rpm for sure. they're tight, but they fit

                i spent the majority of last night getting the shop organized and formulating new plans of attack. here's to hoping for more progress soon!
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                  That is horrible, glad you are ok. It could have been much worse. I normally wear a full face for this reason, I have had a few close calls myself.


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                    Thanks for the brake info Matt, and the ad on FB. Keep the updates coming, and hopefully see you in about 6 weeks.


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                      i slaved all weekend. end result:

                      this week includes running new brake hardlines, getting the wiring figured out for the couple circuits i need to add for street equipment (wipers, horn, turn signals), getting the racepak in the car, a few gauges, and getting the rear axle all put back together. a ton of work truthfully, but i think i can do it all over the next week and this coming weekend, so long as i stay diligent.
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                        The car is looking good Matt. Keep plugging away!


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                          Keep grinding man!!!!


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                            i'm trying guys! i'm putting in at least 2 hours every night after the girls go to bed. i could go longer but then end up with so little sleep that i'm a zombie the next day. i should have more parts showing up this week so i think i can get this thing pretty well ready for the engine by the end of the weekend.
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                              well, good news

                              also, fresh white paint sure makes that purple pop!

                              i put the center section back in the rearend for the 2nd time this week when i realized the locking tabs for the side adjusters on the center were sitting next to my bench vise, lol. everything is in place now though and ready for fluid back there.

                              next big item for this week will be brake lines. i'm hoping to knock them out tomorrow after the girls go to bed.
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                                Looking great!!!!