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  • Originally posted by pintoboy77 View Post
    Dez_Racer thats one cool video were you in it.

    Worked on the Torino top tonight slow,but steady progress. (Slow is the key word.)

    was in last years i was helping a freind this year there are all kids of crazy videos out there i will have to post one of my in- cars it is a little long but it has a big crash at the end ha


    • 239....Happy Birthday Rett!! Have a great day....
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      • 239
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        • 239....headers came today for the gto. sounds like a pita to install.
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          • 239
            Happy Birthday Rett I hope you can still remember your name tomorrow.

            Getting ready to head to Matt's tomorrow, by the way what do I need to bring.

            Cool dez_racer would love to see more.
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            • Originally posted by redragtop View Post

              Happy Birthday Rett. Good to see that old people can still pay attention

              Happy Birthday to you too Scott (Buckeye)

              Have fun George. That area is awesome, especially this time of the year

              239......... Nice pics Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and have a great Birthday Rett and Scott..


              • 238..
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                • 238..Happy Birthday Rett and Scott
                  Patrick & Tammy
                  - Long Haulin' 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014...Addicting isn't it...??


                  • 238...Poker Run today for a friend who had a bad bike accident.Should be alot of fun.
                    Longhauler 2009,2011
                    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans


                    • 238... Having a great time at Corvette Weekend.
                      Jim & Maureen
                      There is a fine line between hobby and obsession and I think I crossed it!!
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                      • 238...
                        Ed, Mary, & 'Earl'
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                        • 238...
                          Mary, Ed,
                          Earl and Maybelline
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                          • 238

                            Rain & Thunderstorms with a Flood Watch; Windy with a Lake Wind Advisory at 80*
                            A soggy weekend for Florida. Dangerous rip currents, wind and rain expected through the weekend. The rain will move deeper into the Southeast early next week.


                            • 238...

                              Originally posted by street72 View Post
                              ONLY 239 days left to go and none til my B-day.. So thank you all for the B-day wishes..50 never felt this old..
                              Must be that new fuzzy math .

                              Originally posted by 65 mustang View Post
                              238...Poker Run today for a friend who had a bad bike accident.Should be alot of fun.
                              Originally posted by 69SS 350 5 Speed View Post
                              238... Having a great time at Corvette Weekend.
                              Sounds like you all are having fun this weekend (as it should be!)

                              Signing up to go bowling with Year One

                              Had to represent Bangshift

                              Williamston, MI (Ohio too)
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                                Phil / Omaha