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"New" guy with some Texarkana to LR advice on PT

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  • "New" guy with some Texarkana to LR advice on PT

    I used to be AllenK on here,but couldn't get my password back for my old username.

    Anyway,I'm looking forward to the Texarkana and Little Rock Power Tour stops. I'm not sure if I will take my truck to Texarkana Sunday,but I'm definitely planning on going to Little Rock. I got my new Brodix heads on my 388 last weekend,and I'm itching to go for a drive!

    I have been to Texarkana many,many,many times in my lifetime as I only live an hour away. I've only been to the Fairgrounds once though,and that was in 1986 for a Loverboy/Dokken concert. Right in the rodeo arena too!

    State Line Avenue/US 71 should be a fantastic cruising strip Sunday. As the name says,the highway straddles the border of Arkansas and Texas. You can even go downtown to the courthouse and have your picture taken standing in two states. The border even goes through the middle of the courthouse itself. Stateline is four lanes with a turn lane in the middle all the way from I-30 down to 7th street/US 67. Cruise down the Texas side,then back up on the Arkansas side! You can turn south from the fairgrounds,and turn right on Arkansas Blvd which will take you right to Stateline. I would love to see a ton of cars cruising up and down the Avenue. I might even set up our chairs in a parking lot and watch.

    I was kinda bummed that the tour went up Highway 71 and over to Hot Springs on US 70. I was hoping the tour would take US 67 up to here,and then on to Little Rock or get on Hwy 7 to Hot Springs. Drag Week came up Highway 67 and caused quite a stir. I could've sat in my parent's yard and watched the parade go by.

    I plan to pick up the tour in the town of Kirby at Dunlap's store. Dunlap's is know for having really good ice cream. It used to be a big deal to get an ice cream cone there! They also sell ethanol-free gas If I remember correctly. I know some folks will probably go to Street and Performance in Mena,but I would like to see as many folks as possible follow the true route. As oletrux4ever said,you can take Highway 8 back from Mena to Glenwood and pick back up Highway 70 if you do go to S&P.

    I think you folks will love going through Hot Springs and up Bathhouse Row. I only live 30 miles away so I tend to take Hot Springs for granted. It really is a neat place with the lakes and the mountains,and bathhouse row. You can drive up the mountain by turning at the Arlington Hotel. Very spectacular views!

    The Hwy 7/5 route to Benton is an old alignment of US 70. It's a pretty drive,but it's pretty isolated. You better fill up in Hot Springs as there aren't many stations past Fountain Lake. If you want to totally stay off the interstate,you can keep going after you cross I-30 until you get to Military Road in Benton. If you follow Military out of town and keep going you will be on Highway 5. You can follow this road all the way into Little Rock and on to the fairgrounds.
    Only 2 more days and some change!
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    Allen Karber


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    Welcome back and see you on the road!
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