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    Ok freaks, let's talk about Cruising the Coast in October. I think the Mrs and I are going to make the trip down this year so I come to you for guidance. Here goes ...

    What are the best days to be there if we cant stay for the whole week ?

    Is there one city better than another to call home base ?

    What can we expect for weather ?

    Is the gulf water still warm enough for my grandson to play in ?

    Let's hear it folks. Have you been? Would you go back ? Are you going this year ?

    Thanks, Dean

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    We stay in Biloxi at the Quailty Inn right beside the Civic center, We always go second part of week , Wednesday Thru Sun. We go town to town and get our card stamped, then on Saturday we stay at Motel and Grill out, and watch cars...Way TOO Much Traffic.. Everyday they have music in all stamping towns and Casinos have specials too..


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      Originally posted by RSRXION View Post
      Ok freaks, let's talk about Cruising the Coast in October. I think the Mrs and I are going to make the trip down this year so I come to you for guidance. Here goes ...

      I think you have made the presumption that everybody knows about this event, which may not be correct.
      ... so for those of you that don't;


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        Dean, I agree with dana5. We have been going since '98. We go on the Sunday it starts and stay until the Sunday its over. People who have cars that won't cool and are "thrifty" go early in the week and leave Thursday morning due to the increase in room rates. The motels on highway 90 are more expensive so we stay near I-10. Try to get a motel room as soon as you can because some are full already. We go to Ocean Springs @ 5 AM to get a decent parking place. It's a fun event that gets bigger every year. Jack

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          I'll be there from Wednesday thru Sunday. I have a condo rented (Legacy Condos)on the beach about a mile from the Coliseum. Don't worry the gulf waters are plenty warm even in October. The weather is almost perfect, at least for us who live down here, temps during the day in the 80's cool nights with a breeze. We spend lots of time out on the balcony watching hot cars and burn outs. All Forum Freaks are welcome to come by, we have plenty of food and cold drinks (adult drinks). As time draws near I post up the condo # as of now I don't know it.
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            I have varied opinions about it. Its fun hanging out with friends and watching the cars go by.. Though its not so much fun driving your ride during the peak times due to the heavy traffic and if you're not a car show type person you may not enjoy the cruise ins. Official participation is also limited to pre 1973 vehicles, but anyone can cruise up and down 90. The beach stinks IMO, but that's because the sand and water is better where I live. ;).
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              Ok, more questions... What's the advantage to the card stamping other than the raffle ? Is there just a single prize kind of deal ? Are there vendors and magnets like HRPT?

              The event is limited to pre 1973. Would a 73 Mustang be allowed ?

              Do I need to worry about future rust issues from the humid salt air ?

              I've got to admit that I'm not sure I can get the wife out of bed at 5 to get a good spot. In fact, I'm pretty sure I can't. Is the traffic as bad as it sounds ? With 6,196 registered last year, I can only imagine it's terrible. My 66 Corvette and 73 Mustang don't have heating issues but they are clutch cars. I'm not sure my left leg is up to the task

              In the event we took our 91 Thunderbird SC, we would have to park and walk to see the events I gather. It's an air conditioned automatic that has a huge trunk. All of these are features our other cars don't offer.

              It sounds like fun but it might be a pain in the arse. Maybe we'll just run down for 3 or 4 days in the SC and check it out before committing to a full blown week or 10 days.
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                The one part of this question that I can answer is, always give your car a thorough washing after a beach run and try and give it a good rinsing every day during the event.

                I have first 3 nights at HIE Ocean Springs @ $77 and next 4 at Moss Point HIE @ $77. Will be in the 58
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                  To address some of your questions,
                  Yes there are many prizes to be won and there are vendors as well as a car coral where car are up for sale, no magnets.
                  Your ride must be 25 years old to register, I went in the "Beast" last year which wasn't 25 years old and still had fun cruising around.
                  Your car can rust anywhere, ask the folks who live in the rust belt. Washed it after you get home, that's what I do.
                  As for as getting a "good spot" hwy 90 is a long coastal hwy in Mississippi there are plenty of places to sit and watch, but you can come to my condo and hang out there and watch from the balcony.
                  The traffic gets heavy at night and on the weekends no worst than Power Tour. Lots of great places to eat and make new friends.
                  I get over there on Wednesday and stay thru Sunday, that's what a lot of people do.
                  Let me know if you come, like I said your welcome to hang out at the condo and that goes for Mike as well.
                  I think the beaches are great, sometimes even a hot rod will end up there, lots of burn outs and alluding the police.
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                    Good information. I hope to make it this year.


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                      This is something we are planning on doing. It is the week of my 40th birthday and I can't think of a better way to spend it.
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                        35 years of going to Galveston has taught me from experience, rust belt or not, I highly recommend a daily rinse, and thorough washing when done.
                        Maybe I can clear this up.....I thought the cop was a prostitute.


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                          I love the Power Tour and Cruisin' the Coast.

                          Cruisin' the Coast is far more relaxing as you don't have to 'hit the road' for the next venue or feel like you'll miss something. With bands playing daily at each venue you can just hang out. And unlike a local or regional car show you don't have to walk and walk. Just find a good spot with your cooler where you can hear the music and let the cars come to you.

                          My wife would tell you that if we could only do one car event per year that Cruisin' the Coast would be it.

                          While there were over 6,000 cars registered last year I believe that there were at least that many more that were not registered.

                          We have stayed at hotels both on the beach and near I-10 but last year we rented a condo and that's the way to go if it's in your budget or you can split the costs of multi-bedroom units with friends.

                          The week can be as busy of as relaxing as you chose to make it.
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                            Cruising the Coast is an awesome event. It was absolute hell to put it nicely to get around the last two years we went. Didn't go in 2012. We're talking two or three hours or more to go just a few miles on Friday and Saturday. We usually park at a casino or something and watch the cars go by

                            My goodness whatever you do go to Ocean Springs. What an awesome little town! All the cars and people just make it better. It's pretty crazy on Saturday of CTC. Cars and people on both sides of the street with cars coming down the middle of the road too. Bay St. Louis is pretty cool also. The LSU bus with hydraulics and a huge stereo is always a highlight!

                            We usually come in on Friday and stay somewhere around the east end of the strip. We come in from the west and drive the whole 25 mile strip. It's very cool to see cars everywhere all along the route.

                            Allen Karber



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                              dunno if I can make it this yr but I will be shooting for next yr