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Remembrances of past Power Tours

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  • Remembrances of past Power Tours

    I was asked by a Fiero club member yesterday if I had some car show pictures from a particular car show from years ago so I decided to do a little research in our old newsletters that are published on our club's website. Unfortunately I didn't get too far and got a little nostalgic when I came across an article I wrote after the 2000 Hot Rod Power Tour that started in San Bernardino, CA and ended in Panama City Beach, FL. (please excuse the punctuation in the article. I don't know if it's my fault or the newsletter editor) The article starts on the front page and proceeds to pages 16, 17, 18 & 19. Be sure to check out how many Long Haulers there were that year. How things have changed. Phil just recently sold that car. It was sad to see it go because we have so many memories traveling in that car.

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    Nice article, thanks for sharing! Those were the good old days of "real" Power Tours, or as they were named, sleep deprivation tours! Early departures and long drives, you don't get that anymore...


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      Yes, there were lots of miles some days, but we were younger and quicker to recover Not sure they could throw in a 400 plus mile day anymore considering where the route has been mapped out last few years. The big plus over the 13 years of Power Tours are all the wonderful experiences and people we've met and enjoyed spending time with every year.

      Gwen (Phil's wife)


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        I always feel a touch bummed that I missed those long tours. I love long road trips that cover a ton of ground. The length of the current tours is disappointing. I had a blast, but wish it was longer.
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          1996 driving my prostreeter to Mount Clemens ,Mich. that was unreal !
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            Originally posted by Phil View Post
            Gwen (Phil's wife)
            Hey Gwen, didn't I get you to join up with your own username ?