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ROUSH comes clean !

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  • ROUSH comes clean !
    Charles W - BS Photographer at large

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    Ahhhh.... propane.

    105 Octane, and cleaner than gas.

    Cheaper too.

    Them Canadians love it...
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    Yes, I'm a CarJunkie... How many times would YOU rebuild the same engine before getting a crate motor?


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      isn't the btu's lower tho.


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        Nothing like driving a big pressurized blow torch


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          20 years ago , smokey yunick hashed out all of the alternative energy [in circle track magazine ]

          then [LIKE NOW ] petroleum is the best energy source
          too bad greenie government and thieving dirt bag countries are holding us hostage from the PERFECT energy source


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            We had a fleet of propane powered GSA cars for years at the EPA. They were OK but the issue, which still remains, is energy density. How many BTU's per pound of fuel. Unless you have a HUGE tank you have to fill up a lot, which may be an OK trade off with today's fuel prices. The higher pressure you can store it the better the energy density - but the more dangerous it is. It may not be a significantly cheaper alternative when the energy density thing is factored in.

            Oh, and it isn't "cleaner". Lower in HC and CO, higher in NoX, which is harder to clean up. As always, a trade-off.