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Hot time in the old town ....Or stupid human tricks

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  • Hot time in the old town ....Or stupid human tricks

    So... my wife calls me just as I pull into my driveway from work. Did you hear what happened today in Montvale she said? Heck, just getting your order filled at Taco Bell is a big event in our town. She says a car hit a gas pump and caught on fire! Well I just had to go and look. Here are the results. Luckily no one was hurt.

    A few years ago we had a woman killed about a block away on the train tracks in the main intersection in town. Seems like her brand new car got caught between the two sets of gates and didn't want to leave her new car, duh.
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    Luck no one was hurt....

    I worked at a station that looked a lot like that place...a dude came in once complaining that there was something wrong with his Cadillac. I popped the hood, and looked around under there trying to find out WTH...the suddenly there was smoke...then flames...*pOOF* singed my hair and brows, flames all over the place...and all the pumps were full of customers...pucker factor of 9.5....
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      I haven't seen a gas station with service bays since Shep was a pup