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  • What have you thrown out?

    I've been going through my stuff, cleaning house. I want to take as little as possible when I finally move. I've thrown out a good bit already but the next go round is getting a little tougher. I look at something, it's perfectly good. Sell it in a garage sale? I've been to enough garage sales to see good shit that the seller can even give away, except to the garbage men. I've got a small collection of sheet metal screw from 20 years ago when I had my business. Good old USA, not China crap. I'd keep them, but really haven't touched them. These days every one uses drywall or hex head screws, not straight slot. Dump 'em? Same with anchors. I have a box of those ones that screw in. Haven't used them either in a long time. Sharpies as well. Got quite a few circuit breakers but again, just sitting for years. I can't remember when I used one. I've thrown out lots of old magazines and catalogs. I've thrown out a spare AM radio I had for my Mustang that the mice pissed on along with a rear view mirror that was rusty and pitted. Not going to use that! I've got a set of 289 rods and pistons along with a 289 short block that's getting rusty. It was bored .040 but just sitting ther collecting rust. I've got another 289 engine out of my Mustang along with a 6,000 mile C4 out of a 76 Monarch in my garage not to mention the C4 I pulled out of my Mustang last year sitting at the end of my driveway. I think there's at least 2 set of 289 heads in my shed as well along with 2 York AC compressors. I think I can use one in my wife's 69 Mustang. Yes, I've been working on that. No pictures as my daughter has my camera at camp.

    I've already taken my 66 along with a bunch of parts and tools to the new place. I tossed a set of 82-84 Mustang GT aluminum valve covers I bought off ebay years ago. They looked a lot better then in real like. The guy took a sand blaster to them and a sanding disc to the lettering. Haven't gone to the curb yet. They would need to be sanded down and polished or painted to be saved if any one is interested.

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    eBay and Craigslist. Better yet, support a local swap meet and make it a fun day!

    Scrap metal is up.
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      I've been throwing away more junk lately. Scrap metal is up, but you still gotta get a couple tons together to make it worth the trip.
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        After we sold our house I had to clean out the garage in a hurry. I threw away a Comp Cams cam with a missing cam card, had no idea what the specs were and it was rusty. A set of sixty over Speed Pro pistons for a Cleveland, I'd never bore a Cleveland sixty over, especially for a street engine. This stuff was in the trunk of the parts car I bought so it was basically free. I also abandoned a decent hood for a '69 Mustang Mach 1, I did keep the scoop though, not that I'll never need it. Anybody need a free Mach 1 hood scoop?
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          Put it on your cop car..
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              I wouldn't throw away hardware, as soon as you do you you know you'll need it. At least that's how it usually works out for me. New house, new problems. Good luck getting anything worth a crap in the hardware store. Man, I wish I had spare $$ for the 289 stuff.


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                Ebay the 289 stuff that's small enough to ship.

                The york AC compressors might bring good money on fleebay too - hell I might need one if it's the 69 vintage.

                I took in a couple 5 gallon buckets full of hardware for scrap last weekend - it was stuff in a cabinet that was in the basement of a house we bought - kept the cabinet (handy - old blue print cabinet wide drawers not very deep - great for small parts, gaskets, etc)
                Straight slot screws are from satan - scrap em.

                What brand are the circuit breakers? I've bought some of those on ebay too.

                The C4s and 289 heads are good for Craigslist or racingjunk - you should be able to get $100 each for the C4s or close - 289 heads - all depends on the date code - you could Ebay those too - but shipping is a bit of a pita.
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                  When I was cleaning out my shop to move, I made a huge pile of stuff in the alley with a FREE sign. It was G...O...N...E within a couple of days and somebody wrote "thanks" on the sign. lol
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                    If you werent all the way out in Idaho you wouldnt have a pile of SBF stuff, it would be a pile at my place. A T bucket with a 289 is a fun street ride, and there is a kid with a Maverick up here who wants to go faster than the swirl ports he has on his 302 will let him.

                    You might be able to move some of it on a Mustang forum. I would keep teh screws and stuff, new houses do need work all the time. I have a huge pile of that stuff in the big shed.


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                      I'm not going to get rid of all the 289 stuff but may thin it out a bit. The good C4 is a keeper as well as the 289 I pulled out of my 66. The .040 and extra set of 289 rods and pistons I could let go.

                      The CB's are ITE, FP and CH. I'm keeping the CH for my house, a few FP for my mom's house plus they seem to get some good money for them.

                      One York compressor is a 69 Vintage but that's being save for the wife's 69 with a seized compressor.

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                        In 1959 there were zero mini storages in the there are 11.2 million units rented.... Didn't take long for crap to stack up did it?
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                          I like throwing out Ford stuff aswell. But it doesn't happen a lot in my garage...

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                            Originally posted by Huskinhano View Post
                            Next stop just north and west of Scranton, PA in the Endless moutons. Drop dead views!

                            My back yard, I'm on 3 acres plus have a nice size barn
                            I so hate you lol
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                              Welcome to the northeast Charles but, you win in a few months cuz all our backyard pic's here in northest will be white and frozen lol
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