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Good thoughts plus a bangshift shout out

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  • Good thoughts plus a bangshift shout out
    Last edited by award69129; August 15, 2012, 10:00 PM.
    GF:Did you motor blow up?
    Me:No i took the rod and shoved it through my block on purpose...

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    He makes some good points. Personally i cant stand NASCAR because it is all spec car and this has been beat to death on the site but its the same as indy cars spec racing is boring. Now look at the pikes peak and Bonneville cars like he is talking about and you see hundreds of different styles power trains and aids. The average person can take a mild to wild car and go race and beat out big money with skill that's what racing should be not spec dollars IMO. Plus they used Bangshift pics and gave a shutout in text at the in so that's always cool.
    GF:Did you motor blow up?
    Me:No i took the rod and shoved it through my block on purpose...


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      Unfortunately in the text he screwed up in the name.
      "SD was not at the events but check out the images and stories on and"

      However further down he got the link right.

      Drag Week 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


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        I am glad he keeps talking.

        I have been watching since the beginning, he gets across that it is peoples motivation, not the pile of sponsor money, that makes a winners car.

        I have been there my whole life.

        this suppressed the "jdm yo" yo crowd, all kinds of things.

        an 8 liter and a diesel can be in the same race after all.
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          He's ignoring the largest elephant in the room - safety. Indy cars and NASCAR are limited by how fast a car can go and keep traction at a track. The days of killing spectators is thankfully past. I even wonder what the fallout will be after all the serious wrecks at Pike's Peak - I'm sure there will be a safety review - and "needed" fixes done....

          In grassroots racing, there just isn't anyone that has the money to go fast enough to become a serious danger to the spectators.

          He even alludes to it in his commentary about speeds/wrecks/spectators at Pike's peak.
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