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  • Lightest Chevy?

    I have a couple of SBC 350's I'm going to pick up tomorrow, and I'm trying to think what the lightest Chevy - Chevette?

    RX-7 seems like a good candidate too, but I thought a 350 in a Chevette would be stupid fun.

    /edit - the Cyberdyne Cybernetic Organism sitting by me just veto'd a Chevette. How much do you guys think a rebuilt 350 with shitty but just rebuilt 1.94 heads with Edelbrock performer cam and manifold, q-jet, and a 5k on rebuild TH350 worth?

    .030 over Cast flat tops IIRC, 72 cc heads, can't remember the casting numbers, truck heads, 1.94/1.50, the smallest of the flat tappet Edelbrock SBC cams, 204/208 .420 .442 @ 112 LSA

    I think maybe 275-300 hp, 400 ish tq. Tow truck motor... should make good torque... or a Chevette fly!
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    do it! but the hard part is finishing the car....and then wanting to drive in it.

    see this link for the rest of the pages.

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      Or.....Chevy Metro

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        Hell, I have a Fiat! I remembered trying this though - the 350 valve cover wouldn't fit in the engine bay. I'd have to do the SBG firewall move thing... which might explain to him why I want to see the Fiat finished. haha.
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          the Cyberdyne Cybernetic Organism sitting by me just veto'd a Chevette.

          you need to reprogram that organism.

          Build the Vette!
          Mike in Southwest Ohio


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            While not an original idea, I bet that mild 350 would fly in a Miata.

            Being that others have done it before you, you can research it ahead of time to find any speed bumps you may encounter.
            Stacy David did one... easy to research the "how to"


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              snappy engine, deep idle..
              why 1.5 and 1.94 valve..that needs a truck.

              I'd slap it in the old sube.
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                My Malibu weighed 2950 and I havent removed much if anything.

                s13 240sx with a t5 from a camaro gets my vote.

                Or Miata.

                Or whatever you find first, cheapest.

                Wanna see progress. Or donate it to me, have a 77 camaro we cant get a title for with rust and want to run figure 8.
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                  Monza or vega.
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                    62 chevyII where pretty light,,,


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                      being texas it should go in a S10 since thats what happens to most of the S10s around here
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                        I suspect it's the Vega which is the lightest

                        The Fiat firewall is 'done' sheesh
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                          Chevy? meh, get an Aussie Vega (Holden Torana)


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                            I'm coming up with 2100-2200 for a 71 Vega , 1900-1960 for a Chevette.. I can find a Vega, but no 200.00 Chevettes.

                            I'm seeing 2700 for the Monza with a 4cyl, 3200 with V8? YOW, really?
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                              Did you look here?

                              lots of good info...but it takes a while to find it

                              GM Heritage is committed to preserving the rich history of General Motors brands while providing a foundation for continued innovation into the future.
                              My fabulous web page

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