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    Whacking on Unit's computer while mine is down sans monitor. Y'all have to know I can't stay away.

    Watched an episode of Pass Time while I was pouting over the smoking hole where my monitor used to be.

    I'll bet all of you guys could win some beer money being a contestant on that show. But I don't have a clue.

    There was a driver on there, the emcee interviewed him and he described what he had, a 67 Camaro. Driver said, "It's a bracket car."

    The emcee pressed him for more details and Driver said, "I'm telling you it's a bracket car. It runs 12 flat every time."

    Everybody groaned. "You're not supposed to tell us...."
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    some episodes I smoke Ken, and others I look like a babbling fool, but for the most part, i do purty good
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      At one point, it was my moms favorite show but we slowly stopped watching it. Mom got to the point where she could just about guess the e.t. of the cars.
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        The shitheads at Speed cancelled this show which was easily the best show they had at the time. Soon SPEED will be gone too.


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          Originally posted by BOOOGHAR View Post
          some episodes I smoke Ken, and others I look like a babbling fool, but for the most part, i do purty good
          I was in the same boat. I seemed to be worse after a few weeks of not watching it, though there were a few episodes I would have won. Yes, I kept track.


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            I was watching that today while wrenching on the GTA. When the asked him to say some more about the car and he said i'd run 12 flat all day long....I looked up ad said "what?"and looked up.Then Ken said "it's been good to have you on the show." I really thought they would just wave him through.
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              Boring show. Half the drivers were sandbagging.
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                one of the few car shows my wife would watch with me. Like most, I would do ok.

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