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1965 Malibu Twin Turbo build

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  • 1965 Malibu Twin Turbo build

    This is going to show a build I have been working on over the winter.

    It is getting closer to being finished, and tested.

    It started out as a Nitrous car, but the owner wanted to switch to E85, Fuel Injection, and Turbos or Blower.

    We looked at the Procharger kits, and some other blowers, but found the WrenchRat Twin Turbo Kit(the same one that was in the April Car Craft) It seems like a nice kit.

    here is a pic to begin with, once I resize them all I will link to the build.

    This is the kit going on the car,(actually it is already on the car) with some sc61 Precision Turbos.

    A Megasquirt will be the EFI controller, Naturally...

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    under hood turbo shots


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      cool car.

      What kind of turbos do they include in those kits?
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        does the wastegate seem like it's connected to one exhaust runner, or am I missing something? - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!


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          I see it as well. Will the wastegate work properly like that?

          Either way, it looks like they packaged that exhaust great.


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            Looks like its connected to the three tube collector, but not cylinder 7.....Hmm

            200 mph or bust.......


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              The kits can come with a couple different types of turbos, Steve Berg, the owner of the company, is Turbonetics fan. so those are mostly what the kit include.

              The headers only appear to pull from one tube, I'll post up more pictures with the routing when I get done resizing them.


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                The tube are baiscally a tri-y type design, the pictures so far are misleading.

                There are way more pics of the system on an engine stand, on their site.


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                  Mounted and wired the dual wideband, and took care of a couple little projects, while waiting for the up pipes, bov, and merge to arrive.

                  latest under hood shots


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                    Made alittle more progress this weekend, here are some of the pics.

                    I have alot more but it sucks having to resize all of them.

                    I'll need to get use to this boards' style of posting.

                    So far, not liking it....
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                      I still use photobucket because it auto-resizes (even though it takes a coons age to get it done).

                      nice work on the motor - I'm admiring how a professional puts a hood scoop on a car... might have to steal those tips for my car ;)
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                        I think the car had a blower at one time,and who ever closed up the old hole for the blower, did the patch job.

                        You don't see anything on the outside of the hood, but they could have done more work to the underside.

                        This is not my car, just a project for a friend's car.

                        Should be starting it up pretty soon, but who know how had it will be to post that up on here?!?!?!?!(hell it won't even let me put three question marks in a row.....)

                        I have alot more posted on our home site but it is such a pain to post stuff here(I can't just copy and paste from a thread on our board) most of the earlier stuff on the fuel injection and wiring may never make it over here.
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                          three question marks is the sign for this on the old site. 4 question marks and you should be golden

                          the cowl on my car was the first one I ever did, and it looks it.... thus, been looking how others do it (and keep it from cracking) so that when I fix it, I won't have the same issues I have now

                          this site is like many other things, it's an acquired taste and requires overlooking some of its (shall I say it) flaws
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                            Drove it up and filled it with E85 today, and tuned up into boost some (8 to 10 lbs modulating with the throttle). Got to find a way to keep the boost below 10 lbs, because this pig don't take long to get going now, but takes awhile to stop... :D

                            Updated underhood pics, still some cleaning up to do on routing the plug wires better.

                            AND, plenty of hood clearance.

                            Dan should have a Video of it running, or Dan's buddy does on Youtube.

                            It sounds pretty good, but not too loud, even without any muffers.

                            Starts real nice(hit the key from outside the car), idles at mid 14's AFR, revs clean, Getting to where this car could be really easy to drive on the street.


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                              This monster look like it will be a handfull,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in a good way!
                              Jeremy George in Windsor NY